About Me

As a wee kid, my mum caught me red-handed applying her red lipstick. That didn't annoy her as much as the fact that I got a small chair perched against her dresser, stood on it, proceeded to open several tubes of lipsticks (broke some too), select the brightest bold red she had and applied it (unevenly, might I add). The next few minutes were a blur and all I can remember was getting reprimanded and going back to play with my toys (whilst sulking). That's how the love for makeup began.

I'm Neelofer and based in sunny Dubai, UAE. My blog, Keeping Up With Neelofer celebrates all that I love when it comes to beauty, sprinkled with new food discoveries (because beauty bloggers eat too).

I was born with a sweet tooth, am slightly obsessed with snow globes, love daffodils and am a bookworm.

Let's talk! Connect with me on keepingupwithN[at]gmail.com
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