The Food Byte: Iftar at Ewaan, Palace Downtown, Dubai

Sunday, May 5, 2019

If you are spending your first Ramadan in Dubai, you will be inundated with options however, there's one place that must not miss, no matter what. To truly savor the delights of Arabic food and exceptional hospitality, make your way to iftar at Ewaan, Palace Downtown, Dubai.

Palace Downtown is one of the few hotels that fulfills the definition of opulence. With interiors fit for a royal home and aesthetics that would serve as best practice to interior designers across the globe, the hotel is easily one of my favorites. The moment you step inside, you feel like you are walking into a real palace and sometimes I wonder if this is how the royals feel like everyday.

The iftar at one of the best restaurants at the hotel, Ewaan never fails to impress. Having dined on a feast last year, I would recommend this place time and time again. With exceptional service and a pleasant ambience, the food here is going to strike interesting conversations.

With an international cuisine (traditional Arabic included) that plays host to the iftar, the buffet is a lavish spread of food that will delight all age groups.

It's not just the salad station that will leave you spoilt for choice, but the meat spread will make you come back for a second round. With chicken, turkey, beef and lamb grilled, fried and roasted, the decision to choose one over the other will prove to be a tad bit difficult. You may just want to try one of each (don't miss the Shish Kebabs, Malai Tikkas and Lamb Koftas). The buffet also consisted of one of the favorite Asian cuisines- Chinese! I love dumplings like I love oxygen. Really. Many a times, when dumplings are made and are exposed to air, they become a bit spongey and aren't that great to taste. It all boils down to how the chef makes them. And the dumplings here were so deliciously fresh, I ended up eating more than what I intended to.

While I'm a meat lover, I decided to give their seafood option a try and I'm happy to state that it did not disappoint.

Let's start with my favorite- Salmon Tandoori. The salmon is one of my favorites and I like it made in a specific way and the Salmon Tandoori was a pleasant surprise! This was the first time I ever tasted salmon cooked this way and it was a delight to savor. You must try this! The spirals of sushi are equally delicious and so is the lobster.

There's an array of Indian food that impressed me as well! From the traditional Lamb and Chicken Biryani to the Vegetable Pulao along with the Butter Chicken, Lentils soup, Grilled Vegetables and Baked Potatoes, it feels like the line-up doesn't end. Delicious food and every bite brings a smile to the face.

For those who are bread and pastry lovers (raise your hand if you are like me), there are delightful trays of sweet pastries, savory pastries with spinach, seasoned focaccia topped with olives and tomato bread. In addition to that, there's a cheese counter with the best cheese! I love cheese and while I have my favorites, I indulged in a slice or two of various types of cheese and chomped on focaccia bread (my favorite).

No meal (or iftar in this case) is complete without desserts and the chefs at Ewaan left no stone unturned to serve an incredible assortment of desserts. For someone with a sweet tooth, the desserts section truly feels like dessert heaven. If I had to describe Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with an Arabic twist, this would be it.

With layers of sugary goodness at my disposal, I had to exercise a lot of restrictions lest I fall sick! The variety of desserts will leave you spoilt for choice! From the tower of traditional Bakhlavas (one of my favorites!) and Basbousa, to the chocolate fountain, Tiramisu, Raspberry Cream Shells, Mango Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Turkish Delight and Melon Meringues that crumble and melt in your mouth, this myriad of all things sweet made me throw my no-sugar-for-a-week diet out of the window.

What an incredible setting Ewaan plays host to. Year after year, the restaurant continues to innovate and impress! You must try the venue and savor the delicacies this Ramadan as it is worth every penny. The service, ambience, food and hospitality is impeccable and Ewaan will easily end up on your Best Places To Have Iftar At in Dubai list.

I rate this place 5/5 stars. Iftar at Ewaan, Palace Downtown, Dubai is available throughout Ramadan, from sunset until 9pm and is priced at AED 255 per person including juices. Ewaan also hosts suhoor, from 10pm - 3am (2am on weekends) and is priced at AED 170 per person. You can avail a 25% discount when you book iftar or suhoor (or both) during the first week of Ramadan.

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