A Day of Bliss at The Spa, Address Boulevard, Dubai

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Two years ago, I learnt the importance of a full body massage the hard way. I woke up one morning with back pain that felt like I had several needles punctured into my skin. While I used to experience back pain on and off, the discomfort would subside in 72 hours or so. However, that morning was different and I had to reach out for mild pain-killer.

When my friend invited me to tag along with her for a facial, I reluctantly took the opportunity to book a half body massage. Post a number of queries from the therapist, she got down to 'unlocking' my knots which she said were evident in my shoulder blade area. For the next 24 hours, my upper back was sore however, I realized that I didn't wake up with the regular discomfort. Moreover, I felt a sort of ease when stretching. It's because of that moment in time that I now go in for full body massages once every month. And once in a blue moon, I book two sessions- the first being mid-month and another, during the end of month. 

When I visited The Spa at the Address Boulevard, my expectations were high. I'm happy to say that The Spa checked off all the right boxes.

The Address Hotels is by far, my favorite chain of hotels in the city. I've been to several others to dine and relax however, the one I frequent the most for various reasons is The Address. Having been to the Address Boulevard for brunch and lately, for iftar, I was pretty excited to try their spa and booked the Detox and Rejuvenate massage. Apart from the welcoming and pleasant ambiance, The Spa boasts of a wonderful, minimalist aesthetics that I fell in love with. 

After a pleasant welcome drink, I headed off for my 90 minute session that turned out to be pure bliss. It started with a 30 minute exfoliating citrus body scrub that sloughed away the layer of dead skin. After a quick, warm shower (I felt the results of the scrub right away- hello, baby soft skin!), a 60 minute massage awaited. Using Carita products (French based) for both, the scrub and the oil-based massage, the therapist applied the right amount of pressure on my body. With a problematic nerve in the shoulder area, I wasn't too keen for a massage in that area however, she reassured me I would be discomfort-free. And she was right. 

The calming oil and the brilliant massage made me fall asleep temporarily (anyone else find this embarrassing?) and I woke up to the therapist recommending that I let the oil work its magic even after the massage. 

Soon after, I was then taken into the relaxation area and offered tea. I almost fell asleep there as well (blame the really good massage!) and this session reminded me how much I was in need of it. I usually go for massages without a scrub but I loved this one! Not only did my skin benefit from this, my tense muscles bid me adieu. I also appreciated the mini foot and head massage the therapist indulged me in. 

With a beyond pleasing ambiance and service, The Spa now takes a top spot within my favorites spas in the city. I discovered it a tad bit too late but am already booking my appointment for next month. I rate The Spa 5/5 stars.

The blissful Ramadan Detox and Rejuvenate is priced at AED 550 for 90 minutes. To book an appointment, call 04- 561 8126.

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