Reviewed: Palmer's Moisture Repair Raw Shea Hair Care Range

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

If you've lived in Dubai long enough, you will agree when I say the summer just keeps getting harsher and harsher. The heat is unforgiving and it becomes unbearable to walk outside for 10 mins without breaking into a sweat that will pretty much stain the back of your shirt.

The heat plays havoc on the skin, hair and health. We are advised to apply sunscreen, stay indoors and be wary of the symptoms of a heat stroke. Watermelon juice becomes a favorite of mine when the summer season arrives. And super moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter for skin is a staple in my skincare routine.

So when Palmer's sent across their Moisture Repair hair care range, the words Shea Butter stuck out like the brightest crayon.

I appreciate one of nature's gems- shea butter. It's included in numerous skin, hair and beauty care products primarily for its hydrating properties. Palmer's is no stranger to this, having launched a body lotion with this key ingredient.

Palmer's Moisture Repair Raw Shea shampoo and conditioner are THE products for summer hair care. Rich in 3 core ingredients, Shea Butter (the super hydrating element), Argan Oil (for stronger, healthier hair) and Grape Seed Oil (protects colored hair from fading), this duo eliminates frizz instantly (no exaggeration) and makes my hair much more softer. Neither the shampoo nor the conditioner weighs down the hair due to its hydrating properties. When it comes to the fragrance, I was greeted with the whiff of a familiar, pleasant one that's subtle and bearable (not too sweet).

I use the conditioner generously and focus specifically on the ends of my hair (that's where most of the damage is considering the amount of styling tools I use). I've used both, the shampoo and conditioner for 9 days and I've noticed the same frizz-free results. Like I said, this is the summer hair care duo.

I haven't used my other preferred (and favorite) shampoos ever since I began leveraging the goodness of shea butter. I usually roll my eyes when brands claim to do certain things, but Palmer's has lived up to its promise, yet again. As an added bonus, the hair care range goes beyond the hair-health enhancing ingredients: it's void of nasties such as sulfates, mineral oils, dyes, gluten, parabens and the likes.

I'm going to be using this brilliant frizz killer for the rest of the summer season. Palmer's Moisture Repair Raw Shea range has my seal of approval, is recommended and will be launched in October 2017 across select stores in the UAE.

Let me know if you've tried anything from Palmer's that's become a favorite!

Elsa said...

I have an argan oil shampoo and hair mask and it sounds similar to yours. I have to wait until Octoer for this one :-(
P.S. I bought the cocoa butter body lotion after reading it on your blog. You are right- it is such a good moisturizer. Being new to the UAE, the summer has really dried my skin. The body lotion is one of the best things I have!

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