Double Cleansing Method: I Tried It and Here's Why You Should Too

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I know it's a chore. After a long day at work (or a night of partying), you return home and don't have the patience to remove the gunk of makeup off your face. You reach out for a face wipe, use it and hit the sack. Next day you wake up, apply makeup and the vicious cycle continues.

I say vicious because those wet wipes don't quite take off makeup and sunscreen completely. Yes, they will wipe your face clean but it isn't completely clean. Face wipes can use irritation (since you are rubbing the skin and I've read that there are added preservatives in wipes to prolong the shelf life). Even though the companies manufacturing the wet wipes state you don't necessarily require a secondary cleanser, the fact is you do.

Throughout the day, our skin tends to be a target for pollutants and grime. You can't use wipes and claim your skin is clean. When you spot a zit or two or dull skin tone, it all goes back to how to maintain the health of your skin (that includes your diet, as well). I've learnt it the hard way. I used to reach out for a face wipe as well.

Hence, it's imperative to take care of your skin now and it will thank you years later. Up until about 2013, I used my standard cleanser from Clarins. No doubt, the French brand left my skin squeaky clean but I did feel mild dryness every now and then. I disregarded that because I felt that way no matter which cleanser I used.

Sometime later in the year, I gave Elemis' Cleansing Balm a whirl and loved it. I appreciated the way the cleansing balm (oil-based) felt on my skin , how it took charge and eliminated the day's impurities. At some point, I went back to my Clarins cleanser because I wanted a quick cleansing process. This year however, I altered the way I cleanse my face, employed the Double Cleansing Method and am not going to regress to my old ways.

The method is quite simple and you will reap the rewards of it. All you need is an oil-based cleanser and your standard cleanser. The oil-based cleanser I use is L'occitane's Immortelle Oil Make-Up Remover and at other times, Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil. I've been using the former for over a month and half now, so let's talk about that one. Made with the immortelle flowers' essential oil, it dissolves all traces of makeup including the darkest eyeliner and pigmented lip colors. Yes, I do use the oil to remove all traces of lip color (I love matte finishes, and they aren't as easy to take off as their creamy counterparts). Post that, I wash it off and use the Clarins cleanser.

If the latter cleanses my skin, why do I complement an additional step into my skincare routine? It's what you use that makes the difference. An oil-based cleanser tends to disintegrate makeup and sunscreen, whilst unclogging your pores of the day's grime. A standard cleanser works much more effectively once the grime is lifted off your skin; it goes deep into the pores and brushes out impurities that the oil cleanser cannot.

Have I witnessed a characteristic difference ever since I implemented this method? Yep. My skin is much more softer and I can feel an immediate difference, when I skip using the oil cleanser. I don't experience the annoying zits every now and then (except for that time of the month). In addition to that, my skin is a tad bit brighter but I will attribute that to several different things and not just the cleansing method.

The Double Cleansing Method is an extra step into the skincare routine, but worth it. It is notably effective during the evenings when I've got more makeup on than usual (think get-togethers or parties, when you have to slap on a heavy duty foundation that will not move as opposed to a powder foundation that you apply quickly with a sponge).

Oil-based cleansers are good for every skin type but I would speak to a dermatologist first, if you have sensitive/problematic skin.

I'd love to know what cleansing oil you use! Drop me a line.

Elsa said...

This is informative. Thank you for this. I have read articles on the oil cleansing method but did not know why I should even try to cleanse my face with oil when my cleanser does the work. You have written about the difference and this is why I like your blog :) I dont have an oil cleanser yet but I will soon.

Raya said...

Now i want to buy this locitanne oil !!

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