The Ordinary: A Brand I'm Really Excited To Try And Here's Why

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Like every other girl, I'm inundated with beauty products everyday- be it in magazines, launches, in-store, word of mouth, editorial reviews and the likes. And being a beauty blogger has its perks. We get delivered products every now and then (provided it fits our blog portfolio). I've managed to discover a handful of products that I have purchased and re-purchased because they deliver on what they claim.

Having said that, there's one brand that actually caught my attention and made me want to buy it after reading the first 3 reviews. I did go on to read several other reviews on the brand's website and watch videos on YouTube. The more I read, the more I was convinced this would become a firm favorite once I placed my order. Then I read an interview with the person who created the brand, Brandon Truaxe. He talked about why we end up paying so much for skincare products (when we really shouldn't), highlighted the key ingredients in several of his products and the price point, among other things. That interview sealed the deal for me. 

 The Ordinary originates from Canada (parent company is Deciem) and by the end of this post, you will realize it's nothing close to ordinary. 

I'm a sucker for packaging and admit that I have bought a couple of things primarily due to the pretty packaging and the way the product is designed (hello, Dior's My Lady blush). The first thing that comes to mind when I saw the The Ordinary was simplicity. I fell in love with the minimalist designs of the bottles and tubes. 

Secondly, The Ordinary doesn't quite target the mass consumer segment. They are focusing on a niche audience base that knows what works best for their skin. This is evident through the product names. You will not see titles such as Clearing Skin Moisturizer or Brightening Serum. Instead you are reading labels the likes of Vitamin C Suspension 23%, Magnesium Ascobyl Ascorbyl Phospate and similar. 

These names are definitely going to confuse quite a few people but it's all down to understanding what ingredient is optimal for your skin (or skin concern). And that's the third thing I really like about the brand. 

They don't use a bouquet of ingredients (save for one product) and sell it off. Each product either has one or two key ingredients that are proven to perform. Several individuals have stated they've noticed a difference. While certain reviews can be biased for various reasons, I've read more than the standard share of reviews to come to the conclusion that the products do work.

 I'll get into the details once I receive my order and have used it for a good 3 weeks or so. 

Fourth, almost every product from The Ordinary is void of nasties such as alcohol, silicone in addition to being cruelty-free, vegan and oil-free. The brand is quite transparent as well (their website has a guide on their ingredients and what not to use when it comes to combining products etc).

Fifth, the volume of each product will last you a good 4-6 months (based on all the reviews I've read); so, a little goes a long way. 

And the final element as to why The Ordinary kicks some a** is their price point. While luxury products break the bank whilst claiming to deliver on their claims, The Ordinary features the same key skin bettering ingredients and is priced as low as £6 / $9/ about AED 28. I wouldn't really buy something that is priced that low for obvious reasons, especially when it comes to skin, hair and health. However, I'm willing to give The Ordinary a go because I have yet to come across any reviews that are negative. Think of this as the Colour Pop Cosmetics of the skincare universe.

The Ordinary have also released a liquid foundation everyone's raving about in addition to primers. They will soon be launching what they call Matte Watercolours. Being a massive matte lipstick fan (80-90% of my lipstick collection is matte), I'm uber excited about this! Update: The Ordinary have confirmed that the Matte Watercolours aren't matte lipsticks. That's sad, but I look forward to the foundations anyway.

I can't wait until my order arrives and I put them to use. I'll review the products soon.

UPDATE: I received my order on the 16th of this month. I'm uber excited and am going to put this product to the test for 3 straight weeks. More details in my next post.

2nd update: I'm giving this product a little more than 3 weeks prior to reviewing it (and you will know why when I review it), so expect a post in the first week of Sept.

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