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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Some people are night owls and others are early birds. Some bask in the glory of the summer's glistening sun while others wait patiently for the breeze of the winter season. I'm the latter and I really can't stand the harsh, unforgiving heat that the summer season brings to the country. I speak for more than a handful when I say the season is unbearable. Hey, if you keep a tube of sunscreen or forgot a chocolate bar in your parked car for about 15mins, you can kiss both of them goodbye.

It's not just lotions or the food the heat plays havoc on. It's skin and hair too. Girls will relate to this when I say, Hello Summer, Hello Frizz. Or hair takes the brunt of the heat and no matter how gorgeous blow dried hair looks once you step out of the salon, a short walk to the parking lot is frizz guaranteed. Let's talk about how nutritionists/doctors advise us to drink more water in the season. I still end up with patches of dry skin (it aggravates in the winter, but I'm cool with that season).

So, when Palmer's sent across a summer ready kit I was quite intrigued by one particular product.

Let's explore the cream made for the feet. Fancy flip flops and gladiator sandals are all the rage come summer. You certainly can't walk around with cracked soles or dry skin. It's not only an unpleasant sight but it also causes discomfort to the wearer. In times like this, try to avoid liquid lotions and reach out for thick/buttery versions. They work best whilst locking in moisture around the clock.

Palmer's Foot Magic is a perfect fit. The key ingredient, cocoa butter infused with peppermint oil, mango butter, and vitamin E aims to leave the feet moisturized. Boasting of a thick consistency, the cream is ultra hydrating and functions best optimally when applied to the driest of skins. Since it includes peppermint oil, you will feel a subtle and temporary cooling effect. Palmer's advises to use this right before going to bed. Apply the cream, wear socks and sleep away to wake up to moisturized feet. The results aren't instant, so consistency is the key. I quite like the fragrance that the peppermint oil exhibits. It's uplifting and used in spa treatments regularly. Because the texture is quite buttery, it takes a while for the skin to absorb and hence, the subtle greasy finish. So it's best to use this while at home.

I left the best for the last. You know how coconut oil has become a firm favorite of editors, stylists, celebs, beauty gurus and the likes? I mean, it's come to a point where if you have dry skin, try coconut oil. If you have dry hair, try coconut oil. If you want brighter teeth, try coconut oil. Laptop broke down? Try coconut oil. You get my point.

The fact is coconut oil has been around for ages and the beautifying effects are immense. I'm not a huge fan of the oil. And there are sound reasons for it that go back to my childhood. Pure coconut oil has an overwhelming fragrance (at least for me) and once applied, tends to drip from the sides of your face. As a kid, I had nightmares when my mum would apply this to my hair (the neighbor recommended it). I despised the entire process and every 10mins (I had a stopwatch with me), I'd ask her if I could wash it away. Years later, I realized the best way was only to apply to the roots. A little dripping ensued and the fragrance was still something I didn't quite favor. To top it all, I had to shampoo my hair thrice to get rid of all the oil lest I end up with 'oily' hair. Considering all these factors, I detested coconut oil and explored alternatives such as argan oil or the ginger, henna and coconut oil concoction (where the latter was used in minimal quantities).

However, I have a new found appreciation of coconut oil after I used Palmer's Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. The fact that the oil comes in a pack was something that amused me. Judging by the looks of the pack, it felt like there was a lot of product and I decided that I could use it in two different sessions. I skipped reading what the pack claims to do and looked at the ingredients. The bonus though was the fact that, apart from the key coconut oil, it contained Monoi Oil, silk and keratin proteins in addition to coconut milk. I color my hair, so I don't quite walk around with tresses Rapunzel would be proud of. The hair mask was everything my hair needed (or anyone's hair, for that matter). Monoi Oil has nourishing properties but you can't compare it to coconut oil.

I tore open the pack and the first thing I noticed is that the oil's texture is reflective of body butter. It's thick and fragrant (but a bearable coconut fragrance, not the one I was used to). I emptied it into a bowl and put it in the microwave for 10secs. When any oil is warm, it tends to penetrate the roots (or the skin, if in a spa) better and drives optimal results. I made the mistake of hitting another 5 secs and saw the horror. From a buttery consistency, the oil turned half-way into liquid. I convinced myself I could still use it. However, with the exposure to air, the oil thickened and went back to its natural buttery state, much to my relief. I focused the application on the tips and upwards as opposed to the roots. My hair desperately requires more attention there in particular, as styling tools have reared their ugly heads (aka dryness). I stand corrected when it comes to the volume. If you have long hair, you may run a little short when it comes to a full application. I did struggle a bit to get all my roots covered. The quantity of the pack is perfect for those with short to medium length hair. Nonetheless, I was quite content.

You can apply this mask in two ways. The first is right after you shampoo your hair and the second is before your shower. I chose the latter and while Palmer's advises you to wait for about 10-20mins before washing it off, I waited for about 40mins until it dried (because my hair can benefit from a longer application duration).

Post the wash and as my hair dried, I noticed the first instant result- less frizz. I wasn't really expecting anything post the first application. We all are aware that such masks have to be used consistently to witness the claimed results. I was looking at smoother locks however, the mask did weigh down my hair a bit (this happens when the conditioning properties are stronger). But I'm not complaining. I was impressed that the mask did deliver immediately on smoother, softer hair. One thing though- on the first day, my hair had a recognizable coconutty fragrance and it wasn't subtle. I had made up my mind to wash my hair again the next day, in the hopes that the shampoo's fragrance would eliminate the existing essence of coconuts. Like I said, I'm not a coconut fragrance fan. Much to my delight, I didn't have to do that as in 24 hours, the fragrance developed into one that was faint.

Will I use this again? Yes, I would and I recommend it to anyone looking to pamper their hair. It's easy to use, doesn't drip and works! To top it all, the hair mask is void of sulfates (hurray!), mineral oil, parabens and dyes.

Palmer's does not test its products on animals. Much respect to them for that and churning out products that continue to impress me.

Have you tried this mask or their other hair products? Let me know, I might just give it a whirl!

Palmer's is available across major pharmacies and hypermarkets across the UAE.

Nermeen said...

oh my god !! After reading your review i really want to try the hair mask !!

Elsa said...

Hello from Abu Dhabi :-). Thanks for the honest review. I love your blog and you really mention the pros and cons about everything. It is unlike other blogs which I read. Most of them only talk about the positives and do not tell us the details (aka truth about things). I will try the hair mask and I know what you mean about the scent of coconuts lol. Looking forward to more reviews.

lana said...

I love Palmer.
I will surely try the hair mask. My hair is so dry :0(

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