The Food Byte: Brunch at The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill, Dubai

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I 'm a person who, when having a day off (hello, weekends!) like to laze in bed and wake up real late. Think 2.30pm. Yes, it's a fact. I work all week and I deserve to sleep in. A handful of my friends including including my cousin sis are early risers, no matter the day. It's like they take unicorn pills. They are up and running at about 10am and encourage me to do so as well. I despise it.

That was me until they started to drag me to brunch. I went to the first one, all miserable because I had to get out of bed 'early'. Then I went to the next one. And the next. It became a regular thing until I fell in love with brunches. I quite liked the concept, plus brunches had a different crowd all together. If you've been to one, you'll understand. 

Dubai is a city that prides itself in several things including unique brunches. Several hotels and restaurants are known to devise signature brunches that actually get people talking. I've been to several and I love them. Of late, I attended one and was pleasantly surprised at the offering.

You'd never imagine there's a satisfying brunch at a bar. After all, bars don't really specialize in 'proper food'. Huddles Bar & Grill located in City Max Hotel, Barsha is a completely different story, though.

When you enter, you step foot in a typical bar atmosphere. However, the scenario changes once you move into the brunch area. Quite spacious, the area is well organised and the cuisine is international. From freshly baked bread with rich jam, warm croissants to on-demand pancakes, the breakfast is quite fulfilling.

But brunch is all about the main courses, isn't it? There's a variety of cheese, red & white meat and seafood to tantalize your taste buds.

The salads counter has a combined cuisine of Arabic, American and Mediterranean including mini servings of Chicken Ceaser Salad, Tuna Salad, among others. The appetizers, however are more skewed towards Italian; featuring my favorite Bruschetta, Mushroom on Toast, Goat Cheese Polenta bites and there's also Prawn Cocktails.

The main course is a real treat featuring another favorite of mine- Nasi Goreng. The rice on its own is so flavorful and satisfying, you don't really need anything else to go with it. If you're not into Indonesian cuisine, try the Penne Alfredo or the Grilled Fish with Caper Sauce- both cooked to perfection. I'm not a seafood fan but from time to time, I do taste bits and pieces of seafood (I like salmon) and am critical of how it is baked/cooked.  Don't miss out on the Lyonnaise Potatoes- freshly baked, these potatoes are perfect in taste and flavor.

I always say no meal is complete without desserts. There's a counter full of various desserts and you really want to take one of each. From the sweet sushi (no fish here, only sugary goodness) to the delicious meringue, the counter is an amazing selection for ones with a sweet tooth (*cough* me *cough*). I particularly loved the creamy Creme Brulee and the Chocolate Mousse Cake. You musrt try the Opera cake and tarts as well.

It's a satisfying brunch for both adults and kids alike. There's live entertainment and a lively crowd. It's one of the perfect ways of brunching on a Friday afternoon.

The service is at par and you will have no issues with parking as there's valet. The Huddle Grill & Bar is located in City Max Hotel, Barsha (near Mall of the Emirates) and the brunch is valued at AED 149 (with house beverages) per person or AED 199 (with premium beverages) per person.

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