Launch of Max Factor Academy in Dubai

Friday, May 5, 2017

Max Factor is one of those brands that have, over the years upped their game. They've collaborated with celebrities across the globe, partnered with other brands (Disney for Star Wars, anyone?) and launched some exceptionally wonderful products. To top it all, they've released some grogeous looks which are easy to get done in the luxury of your home.

If you struggle with makeup or are looking to become a certified makeup artist, you will definitely want to consider Max Factor. Read on to find out why.

The brand has launched its makeup academy in Dubai Investment Park and offers a plethora of makeup courses, from basics to advanced. The academy also offers its signature course that runs for 6 weeks and offers 12 modules including understanding of skin tones, face shapes, contouring, eyeliner, lipsticks and more. It doesn't end there. Once you have been certified, you get access to the Max Factor Network and it will most likely open doors for internships and jobs across the GCC.

 Seems like a pretty rad deal if you are looking to acquire skills within this field.

And on that note, let's talk about makeup. Max Factor's Regional Makeup Artist, Samira Olfat (she's so down to earth!) quickly demonstrated how to use the Cappuccino Nude Palette for a day look. She effortlessly used 2 shades from the beautiful palette and in about 15 secs, the look was ready. She makes it look so easy, I tell you.

How beautiful is this palette, though? I am usually a smokey eye person and prefer dark shimmering shades. I don't prefer nude shades because the color palette doesn't appeal to me. Had I not seen the Cappuccino Nude palette in person, I would never have given it a second look. I actually am appreciative of this palette and it has a few shimmering shades that I love!

The Voluptous False Lash Effect mascara works best for those with a thick fringe and require the separating and volume. And the Lasting Performance foundation gives a flawless finish.

Max Factor's Lipfinity was developed for those that hate touching up their lipsticks. The Lipfinity lasts for hours and hours as the matte layer is sealed with a lustrous top coat.

One of my favorites from the brand is their Pressed Powder. It does the job easily and is hassle-free. What are yours?

The Max Factor Academy is now open at #25 Dubai Investment Park (DIP), next to Blowout & Go salon.

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