The Food Byte: Dusty's Restaurant, Dubai

Thursday, April 6, 2017

When you live in a city like Dubai, there are new restaurants and cafes that pop up every week. And honestly, they are a delight. Each venue tries to whip up a unique element to draw in the crowds day after day. You hear it from your friends or family or part of water cooler conversations or that random snap on Snapchat.

I was quite intrigued when I was invite to pay a visit to Dusty's. Located in Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, the restaurant was abuzz with people on a Thursday evening. Quite surprising that this location witnesses an influx of individuals, considering this isn't anywhere in or near new Dubai. Nonetheless, the bar cum restaurant has edgy interior aesthetics and reminds me of the bar & lounge venues that were once popular in Madinat Jumeirah, circa 2012. Dusty's has an evident cool vibe and warm hospitality. Why the name Dusty, though? It's named after its owner and he made sure the menu was quite unique too! The food being lip-smacking good was a pleasant surprise. 

While the bar is located outdoors with lively music, you can always skip that area and go indoors for a hearty meal. Just like the bar, the restaurant is quite busy with customers and you must book your table in advance. The menu boasts of cuisine from Japan, UK, China, Mexico, Italian and a handful of other countries. Pretty cool, eh? 

We kicked it off with appetizers. The Lobster Tacos were a far cry from what I usually eat and while I'm not a fan of seafood, I found this to be quite delicious. The crispy tacos and the lobster filling made this a unique adventure for my taste buds. 

The Rock Shrimp Tempura is a seafood lovers delight. The bite sized shrimps served with chilli mayonnaise made this appetizer quite pleasing to consume. Yes, I did have one and it tasted delicious. 

The main courses arrived just in time. I was glad that the famous Chicken Peanut Salad was part of Dusty's menu and as expected, the serving was massive and filling. 

While I've had salmon previously, I've never tried Salmon Teriyaki- the next dish on the table. The seafood was baked with a delicious teriyaki glaze and served with vegetables. This was easily the most interesting Asian food I've had. The salmon was baked to perfection and tasted flavorsome amidst the Asian spices. 

Chicken is the only meat I prefer, hence the Jerk Chicken had to make its way to our table. Served with a small helping of coleslaw, the grilled chicken was tender and succulent. It pretty much hit all the right notes. The only drawback here was that the dish wasn't quite made using chicken breast as we did find the meat with the bones. Nonetheless, I'd definitely order it again.

I always say no meal is complete without dessert. A warm Chocolate Fondant was the evening's cherry on top. Soft, airy and melt-in-your-mouth, the chocolate cake crumbled to reveal warm, smooth flowing chocolate. Sinfully decadent. 

Dinner at Dusty's was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting the menu to have a variety of cuisines and I certainly didn't expect the food to be that delicious! A meal for two will cost you about AED 250 (without alcoholic drinks). 

If you are looking for a new place to dine at, be it lunch (business lunch, perhaps), dinner or just want to spend an evening out with friends, try Dusty's. While it is located near Emirates Towers, the drive to DIFC is worth it. 

Pencil it in your calendar, folks. You'll love the food and ambience just like I did. I wouldn't be surprised if you paid the restaurant a second visit! I strongly recommend the Salmon Teriyaki and the Jerk Chicken. Book your table @ Dusty's 04- 354 5435. 

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Tala said...

Rock Shrimp Tempura...tacos...yummmmyyyy !!

Laura said...

This looks like the place to be on a Thursday night. Everything looks so good!

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