Jumeirah's Quirky Boutique: Love Shop Pray

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dubai is a city where you find gems around almost every corner, be it in food, health, fashion or entertainment. These venues come up on my radar either through word of mouth, Twitter (it should come as no surprise but I get my breaking news there first) or Instagram.

I've ended up discovering new cafes because a friend (who decided to go without me) posted an Instagram friendly image where the interiors looked like something Harper's Bazaar would define as the next best thing in cafes. There's one particular area in Dubai though, that always has something interesting sprouting almost every week. Jumeirah has renovated itself as being the place to be seen at or shop at especially over the weekends. There are several boutiques and pop-up stores that you must visit at least once because their offering is a far cry from what we see in malls on a regular basis.

Have you ever stepped into a room where you notice another girl wearing the same outfit (or part of it) as you are? Yes, there's this *one* brand that most girls (including myself) frequent. Nonetheless, there's a quaint little boutique in Jumeirah that opened its doors and hosts some beautiful clothing and accessories. When I stepped foot in it and scanned the store, I was impressed by the collection.

Love Shop Pray is a quirky boutique that plays host to limited edition collections (isn't that the best thing?) reflecting trendy pieces inspired by designer wear, boho and simplistic chic, among others. There are quite a few pieces that will instantly catch your eye. From the gorgeous Italian handmade earrings to the American denims, the fragrances from France and home decor from India, the boutique pretty much has something from everyone.

I'm a huge fan of the tops the boutique has. They are chic and will definitely be some of the most complimented pieces of clothing a person owns.

Let's talk accessories. They are vital elements that complete your look and the ones available at Love Shop Pray are the epitome of 'I really want that in my closet'.

From embellished espadrilles to embroidered sneakers and tassel earrings, I wanted them all! How funky is this D&G inspired handbag?

The boutique refreshes its collection every 3 months and they are exported from all around the world, including Portugal, France, Spain, US, Hong Kong among other countries.

Love what you see? Love Shop Pray is located on Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah.

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