Reviewed: Bioderma's latest, Photoderm Nude Touch

Thursday, March 23, 2017

For several people, summer means frolicking on the beach and having a fantastic time. For me, it's the complete opposite. When you live in a city like Dubai, you begin to detest the unbearable heat. Walk 2 mins in the parking lot towards your car, and you will end up with a sweaty back and frizzy hair. The heat has no mercy. If you've forgotten a chocolate bar in the car, you can take the now liquid chocolate and discard it.

The summer season plays havoc with skin, hair, health, food and everything you can think of. There are only a few reasons why I like summer such as ice-cream, embellished flip flops/sliders, dining indoors and having iced tea.

One of the core reasons I don't quite enjoy the summer season is due to the fact that my skin burns easily. It's not a pleasant feeling or sight and the sting of the sun rays becomes unbearable. You'd find multiple tubes of sunscreen at home and in my handbag. I religiously apply sunscreen and always buy Bioderma's Photoderm Max SPF 100. I trust the brand because the first product I bought lived up to its claims (the famous Sensibio H20) and then I went on to purchase a handful of others. It's one of the few brands that did not disappoint. Hence, when I was invited to the launch of their latest product, Photoderm Nude Touch, I was quite intrigued.

Encased in the trademark sunscreen package we are all accustomed to, the Photoderm Nude Touch is exclusive to the Middle East region and is devised specifically for combination/oily skin types. It's a light-weight moisturizing and protecting mineral based tint with a protective SPF of 50+. The tint has a liquid to powder finish- think silk/velvety matte and is a breeze to apply (either with your fingers, a makeup brush or beauty blender). I've got normal skin type and the product works like a charm. You must shake the bottle prior to use in order to activate the ingredients. You will hear the distint noise of mini balls clashing with each other. That's your cue to use the tint.

In terms of coverage, it helps conceal newly developed acne marks or similar. Unfortunately, it won't conceal those that have been on your skin for a while. That's when you will have to whip out your trusty concealer and let it do the magic.

The bottle does not feature a pump and the product is quite runny/ thin, hence you need to be quick with the application.

It blends in with my skin tone seamlessly and is almost undetectable. I choose not to layer tints or foundation to avoid the cakey face. And with a change in the season, I also tend to use tints/BB creams as opposed to foundation (read: anything that will clog the pores is out).

Since it is a summer product, it's water resistant, so it is safe to use when on the beach. The tint is available in three shades: Natural, Light and Golden. I chose Light because Golden looked too yellow on me. I use my moisturizer prior to applying the tint. It also makes application pretty much look natural, so if you are going for the no-makeup look, the Nude Touch is your perfect companion.

Bioderma has carefully developed this product to ensure that it not only protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun but simultaneously benefits it. The brand states that upon using the product for 3 weeks straight, you will notice skin flaws such as acne marks begin to fade.

Just a note though- I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin as the product tends to sit on the surface and latch on to the patches. No matter how much you moisturize beforehand, the tint will not do you any good.

The Photoderm Nude Touch with SPF 50+ is yet another impressive Bioderma product. I've used this on and off and love the finish. Although I have normal skin type, I do like a matte finish every now and then.

Bioderma's Photoderm Nude Touch is available across major pharmacies in the UAE.

Lana said...

Just what i need. And it looks better than BB creams. I really like your reviews. Does Bioderm have the same for dry skin or just combo/oily skin??

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