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Monday, March 13, 2017

One of the things I absolutely love about online beauty stores is the fact that they manage to acquire certain cosmetics and skincare/haircare brands that aren't available in the UAE yet. I spend a chunk of my monthly savings on online shopping (be it clothes or cosmetics or accessories) and it's because they have something unique to offer. And I doubt I will shy away from the trend of purchasing online- it's quick and you can return products you aren't happy with.

Performance aside, I also tend to buy beauty products because of the packaging. One look at Giorgio Armani's sleek casing or Tom Ford's luxe lipsticks is enough to make me buy them, but never use them (weird, I know). How about Diptyque? Among other things, I love the brand for it's minimalist designs.  

I think I speak on everyone's behalf when I say buying beauty products online can get a bit tricky. Consider foundation, for example- this is where you have to swatch the product on your skin in order to ensure you buy the right shade. Lipsticks can get challenging as well. There's one brand I am itching to try and discovered it about 2 years ago. The ever so popular Colour Pop Cosmetics. Because this brand isn't available in the UAE, I watched countless videos on YouTube and read blog posts in order to narrow down which matte lipsticks (about 90% of my lip colors are matte) and eye shadows would best suit me. After months of deliberation, I finally decided to place my order during a sale weekend (the brand has these every now and then). I placed my order and every 24 hours, logged onto the delivery site to check on the status. For 15 days straight, my package was still marked as being at the "facility of origin". I finally lost patience and cancelled my order. I never got to try the brand and their wonderful lip colors. 

That was until I discovered local online beauty store, stocked the brand! I was ecstatic and had stars in my eyes. During their second birthday celebration, they displayed quite a few brands that I had no idea were stocked locally. I was pleasantly surprised (and impressed).

They stock more than a handful of brands that aren't locally available- Jeffree Star, Jouer, Ardell, Elf, Kylie Cosmetics, Farsali, and Eyeko to name a few. I found myself surfing the site longer than expected. While they stock makeup, they also play host to a range of hair, skin and body care brands in addition to select fragrances. 

Being a huge matte lipcolor fan, I was ecstatic to have gotten my hands on The Balm Cosmetics' popular Meet Matte Hughes lipsticks. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and pigmented. While the liquid lipstick glides on smoothly, they have a tendency to dry out the lips. I use several different matte lipsticks and have never experienced this, hence conditioning the lips with a lip balm is essential. Nonetheless, the color payoff is incredible. Unfortunately, they don't withstand the food and drink test, so you will have to reapply.

I discovered a new brand, Khaadi. The paraben-free herbal products are handmade and you must try their soaps. The rosewater soap has a wonderful fragrance to it and leaves the skin soft as a baby's. I love it and I can't wait to try their face scrubs a go. 

Aren't Morphe's makeup brushes just amazing? I love the fan brush and it makes highlighter application so much easier. I used to use a chunkier brush previously and moving to this fan brush has made application a breeze. This is my first time testing the brand and I'm glad it has lived up to expectations.

While I love getting my nails painted, I have a tendency to change the nail color in about 48-72 hours. It's just me and my knack for trying out the new colors that sit in my room. Im so glad that I managed to get hold of Nova Nails. It's a breatheable nail color and washes off immediately with water. There's no requirement of using a nail polish remover. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate this particular shade by China Glaze. It's so such a gorgeous deep red, that borders close to the glossiest wine red I've ever come across. 

Can we talk about Korean beauty products for a while? It's all the rage because Korean girls have flawless skin. While it goes back to genes and diet, let's admit to the fact that the Koreans use nature's gifts to improve their skin and or lifestyle. I know seaweed is something that's present not only in their beauty products but also food. It has a ton of benefits and the results are visible if used consistently. There's also the use of rice powder and legumes for a beautiful complexion.

These two masks come Korea's SkinFood and The Etude House. Activated charcoal is a big deal at the moment as it zaps impurities straight from the pores and Dr. Ampoule's Black Mask Sheet does exactly that. Easy to apply and wash off, the first application left me with softer skin (lasted only until I applied my  makeup for the day and washed it off but regular usage is the key). K-beauty for the win!

My other favorite from the site is Melanie Mills' Gleam Body Radiance. While this is an iridescent body bronzer, I use it sparingly to create the illusion of skin that's dusted with gold flecks. It's brilliant and doesn't transfer onto clothes (ensure you give enough time between application and wearing white/light clothing).   

Let's move on to one of my favorite hair care brands, Kevin Murphy. I was first introduced to this brand while at the Marquee Salon (The Nail Spa's sister outlet for all things hair) and fell in love with how my hair felt after being washed and conditioner. The subtle fragrance garnered brownie points from me. So, I was pretty impressed when I discovered Glamazle stocking this brand. Honestly speaking, I have yet to come across an online beauty store that gives me access to such a wide range of beauty products (especially the ones that originate from the UK and the US).

Apart from that, there's a plethora of brands and products- from eyelashes to eyeshadows, fragrances and everything in between. It's the mothership for beauty geeks and those starting off with makeup. The prices are decent and they ship across the GCC with free shipping for products over AED 250.

Get your beauty fix at (they have regular sales, so sign up to grab beauty goodies). Let me know what you get! 

Khulood said...

i want to try the face maskssss and lipsticksss!!!!

Tala said...

I have some morphe make up brushes and I know what you mean :-). I havent heard of Dr Ampule...will check it out.

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