Nailed It At The White Room Spa, Dubai

Friday, March 31, 2017

While I have my go-to nail salon, every now and then I deviate from it and visit other salons. I usually tend to discover either new services (chrome nails in certain salons before every other salon started to offer them) or new products. In Dubai, there's a funky new salon popping up every now and then and some of them certainly have an edge over the others.

One such example is that of The White Room Spa. This quaint salon offers the expected beauty services with a handful of special offers thrown in every now and then. How many times have you gone into a salon, shown the picture and walked out with the hairstyle you wanted?

Beach Essentials for Dubai's Summer

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tuesday this week, my cousin who lives in Milan, Italy messaged me with a rather interesting message.

"I'm cominnnnggg to Dubaaaai!"

It was pretty cool as we started to quickly message each other with what needs to be added and or excluded on her itinerary. And then she threw in something I'm not a fan of: "I also want to spend my mornings on the beach...". There was a mention of brunch (I love those, by the way) but everything she said post the beach message made me frown. 

I'm not a fan of beaches or the harsh sun. I love lounging at resorts that boast of pristine blue water swimming pools but I definitely prefer a shaded one. I grudgingly agreed to my cousin's beach request but not before telling her to bring a beach umbrella (not sure how she plans on getting that!). My beach essentials are pretty much full-blown protection, from sunscreens to hats and everything in between. My skin burns easily and I don't look forward to burnt skin and the corresponding peeling that accompanies it. So, I whipped up my beach essentials. 

Reviewed: Bioderma's latest, Photoderm Nude Touch

For several people, summer means frolicking on the beach and having a fantastic time. For me, it's the complete opposite. When you live in a city like Dubai, you begin to detest the unbearable heat. Walk 2 mins in the parking lot towards your car, and you will end up with a sweaty back and frizzy hair. The heat has no mercy. If you've forgotten a chocolate bar in the car, you can take the now liquid chocolate and discard it.

The summer season plays havoc with skin, hair, health, food and everything you can think of. There are only a few reasons why I like summer such as ice-cream, embellished flip flops/sliders, dining indoors and having iced tea.

One of the core reasons I don't quite enjoy the summer season is due to the fact that my skin burns easily. It's not a pleasant feeling or sight and the sting of the sun rays becomes unbearable. You'd find multiple tubes of sunscreen at home and in my handbag. I religiously apply sunscreen and always buy Bioderma's Photoderm Max SPF 100. I trust the brand because the first product I bought lived up to its claims (the famous Sensibio H20) and then I went on to purchase a handful of others. It's one of the few brands that did not disappoint. Hence, when I was invited to the launch of their latest product, Photoderm Nude Touch, I was quite intrigued.

All Glammed Up With

Monday, March 13, 2017

One of the things I absolutely love about online beauty stores is the fact that they manage to acquire certain cosmetics and skincare/haircare brands that aren't available in the UAE yet. I spend a chunk of my monthly savings on online shopping (be it clothes or cosmetics or accessories) and it's because they have something unique to offer. And I doubt I will shy away from the trend of purchasing online- it's quick and you can return products you aren't happy with.

Performance aside, I also tend to buy beauty products because of the packaging. One look at Giorgio Armani's sleek casing or Tom Ford's luxe lipsticks is enough to make me buy them, but never use them (weird, I know). How about Diptyque? Among other things, I love the brand for it's minimalist designs.  

I think I speak on everyone's behalf when I say buying beauty products online can get a bit tricky. Consider foundation, for example- this is where you have to swatch the product on your skin in order to ensure you buy the right shade. Lipsticks can get challenging as well. There's one brand I am itching to try and discovered it about 2 years ago. The ever so popular Colour Pop Cosmetics. Because this brand isn't available in the UAE, I watched countless videos on YouTube and read blog posts in order to narrow down which matte lipsticks (about 90% of my lip colors are matte) and eye shadows would best suit me. After months of deliberation, I finally decided to place my order during a sale weekend (the brand has these every now and then). I placed my order and every 24 hours, logged onto the delivery site to check on the status. For 15 days straight, my package was still marked as being at the "facility of origin". I finally lost patience and cancelled my order. I never got to try the brand and their wonderful lip colors. 

That was until I discovered local online beauty store, stocked the brand! I was ecstatic and had stars in my eyes. During their second birthday celebration, they displayed quite a few brands that I had no idea were stocked locally. I was pleasantly surprised (and impressed).

Centrepoint Launches Its Spring/Summer '17 Collection

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Centrepoint, the store has been around for a while and over the years, with a combination of Baby Shop, Splash, Lifestyle and Shoe Mart, it has improved ten times fold in what it offers.

The launch of the Spring/Summer '17 collection proved just that when the latest trends off the catwalk blended seamlessly through inspirational boards for each brand. The season's palette features romantic pinks, soothing blues, ruffles and graphics for both men and women.

I've selected a few of my favorites from the collection.

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