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Monday, January 16, 2017

Every weekly magazine features atleast one article on flawless skin and how to achieve it. There are various ways including tapping into cosmetology. After all, isn't flawless skin on top of everyone's wishlist?

When you live in a cosmopolitan city such as Dubai, you have more than a handful of options to choose from- you either shell out AED 955 for a cream that works its magic while you blissfully sleep or you can step into the doctor's office for perfect skin. Let's talk about the latter. If I could get a penny for everytime I opened a magazine and saw a full page picture of a model with super smooth skin, I'd have built my own skyscraper. Editors across the city always introduce us to new skincare products especially anti-ageing. Because, let's face it- we all want to turn back the clock. I know of girls in their early 20s (my cousin sis for one) who has a very annoying horizontal line on her forehead. It's not that visible but when she points it out, you can see it staring back at you.

It's unfortunate that some individuals develop these skin 'flaws' earlier on. So when I attended the launch of the Swiss brand, Labo Suisse's Fillerina Plus launch, the annoying wrinkle came to mind. I was quite intrigued as the overall reviews I read were quite positive.

The Fillerina Plus Night cream (Grade 4) is an anti-ageing concoction devised to work when you are resting and can be used either on its own or in combination with other Fillerina products. It contains hyaluronic acid, hence the anti-ageing component. The creams come in different 'grades'; higher the grade, the more powerful the ingredients.

For those living under a rock, hyaluronic acid is the same ingredient used by doctors for 'filling up' (read: plumping) sagging skin, lips that need a pick me up and other skin concerns that require a boost. The acid tends to retain water, thereby giving the skin a more youthful look. It is also quite expensive, hence the procedures involving this naturally occurring element is priced at a premium.

I asked my cousin and mum to try out the cream (forehead and frown lines, respectively). While the results weren't instantaneous (and neither were we expecting them to be), what both family members noticed was smoother skin in a matter of 2.5 weeks. That' was quick and a bonus because smoother skin tends to reflect light in a subtle manner, thereby giving the illusion of next to perfect skin. My cousin did notice a minimal improvement on her forehead. That's most likely due to the cream hydrating and smoothing the area where the wrinkle erupted.

I'd like to say this is quite an effective cream considering the initial change resulted in just 14-18 days. Both, mum and cousin are still using the cream and will test it out for 30 days straight without any interruptions. So, I'll update this post then.

In the meanwhile, with no negative skin reactions and a positive 2.5 week test, I can say the Fillerina Plus Night cream seems to be a gem! It's easy to apply, is absorbed easily by the skin and doesn't leave a greasy finish.

Have you used other Fillerina products? Sound off in the comments below and let me know which one works for you.

Fillerina is available at Bin Sina Pharmacy, Boots, Aster, Marina Group and Noor Hospitality Pharmacy across the UAE.

Update: 25 Feb, 2017.

So, we have an update! My mum didn't manage to use the cream on a regular basis but my cousin did. And having seen met her just yesterday, I can see the annoying wrinkle blurring but ever so slightly. I'm pretty impressed! She has a long way to go until the full line is blurred but not eliminated for good (thereby making the appearance of the wrinkle...well, less wrinkly). She's happy, nonetheless and has taken the entire tube of the cream from me.

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