Iconic Launches Spring'17 Collection

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Iconic is a home grown brand and one of those that I've come to appreciate over the years. They're always one of the few brands to quickly tap into the latest fashion trends. And it's a delight to see a plethora of Iconic's clothing, accessories, shoes and the likes being rolled out promptly in the UAE, especially Dubai, a city that always has its finger on the fashion pulse.

The brand launched their Spring'17 collection this month and I usually have a few select pieces that I like/love. But this time around, almost everything I saw was brilliant! The collection caters to men, women and kids whilst tapping into designer trends.

Reviewed: Fillerina Plus Night Cream

Monday, January 16, 2017

Every weekly magazine features atleast one article on flawless skin and how to achieve it. There are various ways including tapping into cosmetology. After all, isn't flawless skin on top of everyone's wishlist?

When you live in a cosmopolitan city such as Dubai, you have more than a handful of options to choose from- you either shell out AED 955 for a cream that works its magic while you blissfully sleep or you can step into the doctor's office for perfect skin. Let's talk about the latter. If I could get a penny for everytime I opened a magazine and saw a full page picture of a model with super smooth skin, I'd have built my own skyscraper. Editors across the city always introduce us to new skincare products especially anti-ageing. Because, let's face it- we all want to turn back the clock. I know of girls in their early 20s (my cousin sis for one) who has a very annoying horizontal line on her forehead. It's not that visible but when she points it out, you can see it staring back at you.

It's unfortunate that some individuals develop these skin 'flaws' earlier on. So when I attended the launch of the Swiss brand, Labo Suisse's Fillerina Plus launch, the annoying wrinkle came to mind. I was quite intrigued as the overall reviews I read were quite positive.

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