Reviewed: Palmer's Amazing Body Lotions

Monday, December 26, 2016

If you've lived in the glorious city of Dubai long enough, you know that body lotions and rich moisturizers are a regular part of one's beauty arsenal. The summer season lasts for a while here, so we tend to consumer a lot of water, coconut water and slather more than required moisturizers on our faces and bodies with the hopes of creating a dry skin barrier.

While we have access to a plethora of products (there's a launch almost every month), there are some brands that have become part of my favorites list right away. I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again, Palmer's is one of them. They seem to get quite a few things right and don't fail to impress.

When the new body lotions landed on my desk, I was a bit intrigued by the Olive Oil version.

The first one to go through the skin test was the classic Cocoa Butter body lotion. This has been around for ages and works quite efficiently. It's a bit rich for a lotion and I'd classify this as more of a body butter due to its consistency. Rather than use this on the arms, I've used this on the areas that need it the most- elbows and knees. Works like a charm.

The Raw Shea body lotion piqued my interest. I'm all for shea butter and having discovered it in various forms throughout the year, I slathered it on and fell in love with it. The fragrance is pleasant, the consistency is just about right and my skin absorbed it within a few seconds. I was glad to have an anti-greasy finish. The reason the Raw Shea body lotion works so well is because it is rich in oils- Marula and Grapeseed in addition to the wonder cereal grain, oatmeal and Vitamin E.

Isn't coconut-infused everything the rage right now? Coconuts are one of nature's sources of hydration and whilst being around for eons, they've been gaining popularity of late. So, the Coconut Oil body lotion comes as no surprise. The consistency is comparable to the classic Cocoa Butter but not to the T and contrary to popular belief, it does not have a greasy finish. This particularly delightful emollient lotion will leave your skin pretty hydrated and remind you of the beaches due to the wonderful fragrance.

I left the best for the last! The Olive Oil lotion is everything summer. From the subtle crisp floral fragrance to the light-weight consistency, this tube of goodness is infused with skin benefiting Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and anti-ageing vitamins including Vitamin E. I absolutely love this and have been carrying the tube in my handbag.

While all 4 are brilliant, my favorites are the Coconut Oil and Olive Oil lotions. The Raw Shea came close to the former.

The lotions do an incredible job of keeping the skin moisturized no matter what the season. These trusty handbag companions will not only hydrate your skin but keep it supple. The cherry on top is the fact that the Palmer's lotion does not have any parabeans, sulfates, mineral oil, dyes or other nasty ingredients.

Please excuse me while I go apply more of the Olive Oil lotion to my arms (and legs).

Palmer's body lotions are available in key retail outlets across the UAE.

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