November Glambox Revealed

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Let's talk about luscious locks. What's the first thing that comes to mind? TV commercials featuring models with beautiful (let's-face-it-unattainable) hair or rolling of the eyes because you know hair once damaged, is hair that will never go back to being healthy?

For me, it's Rapunzel. As a kid, right after The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel was one princess that intrigued me. I was in awe of her long, beautiful locks and pitied her for the way Grizelda treated her. Then Disney decided to revamp the princess with beyond gorgeous hair in a 20th century version known as Tangled. I loved the movie because of the new characters (Flynn) and just how empowered Rapunzel was projected to be. I mean, beauty with brains?

In my world, Rapunzel will always remain the girl with beautiful hair and kudos to the writer who penned the original story. Beautiful hair is a result of several factors. It goes without saying genes also play a vital role. Nonetheless, damaged hair or tresses that require a pick me up are easy to achieve- be it through tapping into nature or by sitting in a salon, whilst hoping the hairdresser doesn't mess up your hair.

While I was previously acquainted with the hair care brand Alterna, I never tried it. This was due to the fact that there was nothing in the product (or the range) that made me want to give it a go. Several brands claim the use of natural ingredients and results that deliver, so when I came across Alterna, I brushed it off.

That was until I got my hands on this month's Glambox. Topped with Alterna's luxe Caviar collection, this box is THE box for pretty hair. The five-step hair care system aims to give beautifully healthy hair with every wash. And let me take a moment to tell you- it's true.

I'm quite skeptical when I try new brands but Alterna checks off every box on the checklist for me. After the first wash, I noticed softer and smoother hair (and this is no exaggeration). I didn't quite follow the 5-step system and went straight into using the Caviar RepairX Instant Recovery Shampoo, followed by the Recovery Conditioner. Once I washed that off, I applied the Fill & Fix Treatment Masque. I did all this while inhaling the beautifully crisp and fresh fragrance each product released. Once my hair was slightly dry, I felt the smoothness instantly. Also, the shampoo-conditioner-hair mask combination seemed to have gotten rid of the frizz by 85%, which is a major deal for me.

I was quite surprised and impressed because not all haircare brands deliver on what they claim.

Post styling my hair, I applied a pea sized product of the Caviar CC Cream. It's a 10-in-1 leave-in-cream that moisturizes, adds shine, smoothes the tresses, protects from UV and heat/styling tools among other benefits. I truly love this cream for the polished hair effect.

The Moisture Intense Oil Creme is a pre-shampoo product and an intensive treatment that injects moisture into dehydrated strands. I have yet to try this one.

If I had to pick two of my favorite products, I'd say the Caviar RepairX Fill & Fill Masque and the Caviar CC Cream. I'm looking forward to purchasing the full sized product of the hair mask because my hair needs it. Rapunzel would approve of this month's Glambox!

You have until November 14 to apply for this beautiful Glambox and feel (and see) the difference for yourself! Sign up now on

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