Saturdaze Brunch At Vida Downtown, Dubai

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Of late, I've fallen in love with brunches. I'm not the kind of person who gets all excited at the prospect of waking up before 12pm on the weekend and driving to a venue to eat. I am very much a milk & cornflakes watching Tom & Jerry person. But when you attend a brunch and walk out of the hotel with a smile on your face ready to take on the day, that's when you know you've been to a good brunch that is worth your time (and effort).

The 3in1 restaurant at Vida Downtown never ceases to surprise me. I've been to the place several times after I discovered it last year. The quality of food and selection is always as expected (sometime, surpassing the expectation) and the vibe is quite pleasant. When they launched their new brunch, Saturdaze I was all too excited.

The brunch is inspired by those taking place in NYC but staying true to the UAE spirit, 3in1 has a menu that caters to all (including myself, because I'm a picky eater). Saturdaze is available every Saturday from 11am-3pm and includes pool side access. The brunch includes a set menu alongside an all-you-can-eat buffet.

For the early risers, you have a table spread of delicious breakfast options including gluten-free bread, breakfast muffins, granola and jams that remind you of time spent at grandma's. In addition to this, juice bars will keep you hydrated. The main meals have one of the best selections and you have to give 3in1 a pat on the back for including several different options. From the kale to quinoa salads to the Beetroot Hummus- the food is incredibly fresh and appetizing.

From the set menu, we selected Eggs Benedict with Salmon and the Breakfast Burrito, both of which did not disappoint.

While I'm not a huge fan of Eggs Benedict, the rest of the dish was delectable. The Breakfast Burrito was quite filling and frankly speaking, I was quite surprised that it lived up to my expectations. The serving size for both is perfect for one person and you won't have anyone whining on the table.

I always say that no meal is complete without dessert and the restaurant never disappoints. Chose from the melt in your mouth Caramel Doughnuts or the most moist upside Pineapple Cake with Pistachio or the Chocolate Chip Golden Cake- you are going to be spoilt for choice!

My favorite was the Double Chocolate Cake that was baked to perfection. I almost asked the waiter to call for the chef because I wanted to know the recipe + any tips and tricks to bake the perfect chocolate cake.

My second fav was the Chocolate Chip Golden Cake. The crumbly texture and the chips made this cake so exquisite but does not triumph over the aforementioned chocolate cake.

The palm-sized Caramel Doughnuts were divine and I do wish stores in Dubai would implement the same recipe. These doughnuts are quite light and airy as opposed to the standard ones we are accustomed to.

The Saturdaze brunch is one that I'd happily wake up for every Saturday. There was nothing disappointing here and everything lived up to my expectations.

The 3in1 Saturdaze brunch at Vida Downtown Dubai is available every Saturday from 11am to 3pm and is priced at AED 139 per person. You pay a little extra (AED 100) for poolside and cabana access.

Have you been to any notable brunches? Let me know!

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