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Thursday, October 6, 2016

There's something about opening a Diptyque box and immediately being transported (mentally) into a world of blossoming gardens. The fragrance of the classic white candles wafting through the room is enough to de-stress me.

Diptyque is one of my favorite brands, not only when it comes to candles but also fragrances. Take for example, the 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain or the Oud Palao. They're two of my favorites and I use them on special occasions. I always get asked (and complimented on) the fragrance I'm wearing.

Diptyque play host to distinct fragrances that you can recognize from a mile away. My friends have amassed a collection and their recommendations contribute to my collection building at the right pace.

A few of my favorites featured here:

The 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain is a firm favorite of mine. It's one of those woody zesty composed fragrances that grows on you eventually. It plays host to pink peppercorn and cinnamon that is balanced out by a subtle rose and iris with a dash of musk. It's a wonderful evening fragrance and quite unique.

I'd definitely re-purchase this once I hit the end of the bottle. A word of warning though- the 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain is a bold fragrance (not too overwhelming) and isn't for someone looking for an everyday fragrance laced with musk.

The Oud Palao has to be one of my top 5 Diptyque favorites. Being a fan of oud, I wasn't disappointed in how the brand approached this fragrance. While it doesn't quite encapsulate the classic oud (and nor did I expect it to), you sense a modern take on this classic Middle East ingredient. It's without a doubt, an evening fragrance and for those who'd like a little bit of oud in their lives.

Candles from Diptyque are everything! I love the floral and citrus based ones but of late, I discovered the Oud version. One word to describe this: it is incredible! It's so wonderful to have the faint fragrance of oud wafting through my room.

Diptyque has just opened their new branch at Dubai Festival City and the store houses some of their best sellers including the ones mentioned here.

What's your favorite Diptyque fragrance?

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