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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I love home-grown initiatives because they always strive to deliver something new and unique. Additionally, the local flavor they add to it is matched by none. I usually buy accessories from the local weekly fair or festivals that take place. The rings, bracelets and clutches are quite quirky and people always tend to appreciate it. Also, who wouldn't want to support the local talent? Not to be biased but, the it's incredible to see the women of the UAE realize their dreams in such a short span of time.

And talking about the UAE, the local parfumerie Ajmal collaborated with the youth of the UAE to create 2 new fragrances entitled Qafiya 1 and 2.

You all know how much I love my fragrances and the Qafiya fragrances are a pleasant addition to my collection.

Developed by Ajmal and the UAE millennials, Qafiya is by the locals for the locals (and of course, for the rest of the population as well). The fragrances are quite distinct to the country's preferences when it comes to culture, tradition and perfumes. The packaging is quite wonderful and I love the cork-ish and gold detailing.

While both fragrances are unisex, I feel the Qafiya 1 will appeal to men the most.

It's an Oriental Woody fragrance with saffron, rose and orange blossom as the top notes. As it hits the dry down phase, the base note of sandalwood, musk and patchouli become more evident. It's a wonderful fragrance if you are into a combination of spices and musk.

The Qafiya 2 is an evening fragrance and is an Oriental Floral fragrance. A brilliant layered fragrance of orange blossom, spices, sandalwood, bergamot (my favorite!) and a hint of coffee come alive once you spritz it on. While the ingredients are similar to Qafiya 1, the Qafiya 2 is much more stronger especially as it dries down.

Both fragrances are long lasting and the base notes become quite apparent after about 45 mins to an hour.

I personally love Qafiya 2. While it is floral in nature, I feel it gives off more of a stronger musk/woody essence as it dries down. It also reminds me of this fragrance from Diptique but make no mistake, both are quite unique in their own league.

 Qafiya 1 and 2 are pleasant and I've used them on and off. It's truly a local fragrance and makes for a wonderful gift.

The Qafiya fragrances are available at Ajmal Perfumes and priced at AED 250 per bottle.

Ajmal Perfumes said...

Ajmal has gained the reputation over the last couple of years. Ajmal's Qafiya is among the best fragrance of Ajmal's collection. I have used Ajmal Zeal which gives a same vibe of Dior Sauvage, might buy the Qafiya next time. Thanks for sharing this review.

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