A Special Offers Filled Tuesday At City Walk, Jumeirah

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I appreciate brands that offer something special to women especially when it comes to cosmetics. I mean, how many times have we all been swayed by Sephora's almost perfect deals and free gifts upon purchase?

Dubai is one of those cities where retailers go out of their way to construct offers that are, at times unbeatable. I shop quite a lot, in-store & online and end up buying things I may or may not use (clothes with tags still on in my wardrobe, I'm looking at you!). At times I regret not waiting for the sale/promotion period because it seems like I've just lost out on good deals. 

And the most recent example is that of my purchase at Bobbi Brown. I love this brand and Bobbi has really gone out of her way to create products that are not only beautiful but also have a wonderful effect on the skin. I bought a handful of makeup the other day and then realized I should've waited for Tuesday to avail a 20% discount! 

Why? Because City Walk Mall launched the second edition of Her Tuesday, where women can avail discounts at select stores in the mall. And that includes Bobbi Brown!

Her Tuesday, launched on the 27th of September until end of 2017 provides women with special discounts, gifts and promotions across 63 stores within the entertainment, retail and beauty segments, every Tuesday. Isn't that amazing? The offers vary from store to store so it's best to check what's available. Most of them have a 10%-25% off the total bill, complimentary food & beverage or other associated elements, 

Within retail, stores such as Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Carven, Ghawali, M. Micallef Parfums, Chantelle, Armani Exchange, American Vintage, Villeroy & Boch and more are where you can scoop up some interesting goodies by flashing your Her Tuesday card. And within Food & Beverage, it's Mitts & Trays, Saladicious, Aubaine, Cocoa Kitchen, Sugar Factory, Hummingbird Bakery and more. Reel Cinemas, Caboodle, N.Bar among others are also part of the Her Tuesday initiative. 

The process is quite simple. Head to the customer service counter in the mall and inform them you'd like a Her Tuesday card. They'll ask you for a few details, take your picture and develop the card on the spot! After that, you are free to shop and avail the offers! Pretty cool, eh? No waiting time, no nothing. 

City Walk is located in Jumeirah, Dubai. For a full list of stores part of the Her Tuesday initiative, visit their website

Let me know what you get! 

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