The Body Shop Launches Elixirs of Nature Fragrance Collection

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I discovered The Body Shop about a decade and half ago when I received a Strawberry bath gift set from a friend. I was so delighted that I proceeded to select the same gift set for my best friend. Thus began the long and happy relationship between me and The Body Shop. I went on to find out that one of my friends was using a lip color I fancied and that happened to be from one of the aisles at The Body Shop (Clover 05 is the shade in case you are wondering).

Throughout the years, the brand has launched beautiful and environmental-friendly products whilst giving back to the community in several different ways. I loved this year's initiative. My favorite body products still remain the Wild Argan range of products.

It comes as no surprise that The Body Shop continues innovating and the most recent development is the launch of their fragrance collection known as Elixirs of Nature. I will choose one word to describe the fragrances: incredible.

I love fragrances and purchase quite a few of them in a given year. It's always fun to discover new fragrances and I was overjoyed when I learnt bout The Body Shop's latest. There are 5 fragrances that make up the collection with Nigritella, Kahaia and Swietenia originating from the floral family while Bowhanti and Widdringtonia standing the fort for woody yet pleasant essences.

Featured here are Swietenia and Nigritella, two beautiful fragrances that have become a favorite of mine (the former more than the latter).

Swietenia is the amalgamation of Orange Blossom, Bitter Orange and Mahogany. The fragrance is quite sweet and floral- I sense more of Orange Blossom than any other note. I absolutely love this fragrance and I  receive compliments every time I wear it. It's a day fragrance but I use it in the evenings as well. Swietenia is quite long lasting and about 4 spritz will take you from morning until the evening.

Nigritella is different to that of Swietenia as it falls within the oriental floral category. The first spritz gives off a prominent Vanilla Orchid essense and as it dries down, you sense tuberose and subtle vanilla. Nigritella is an evening fragrance (at least for me),

While Swietenia remains crisp and fresh after it reaches its dry down phase, Nigritella transforms into a warm floral with Vanilla Orchid enveloping Tuberose.

I've used at least 1/4th of Swietenia already (because it's absolutely wonderful) and will definitely purchase it once I hit the bottom of the bottle. If you're looking around for a fresh floral, try this one- you might just end up taking it home!

The Elixir of Nature fragrance collection is available across all Body Shop stores across the UAE.

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