Reviewed: Clarisonic Mia Fit 2 and Alpha Fit

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A couple of years ago, I read an article about how significant cleansing skin the right way was. The article also highlighted the rise of sonic cleansing devices. At that point in time, I didn't care about those devices and neither did I want to know what affect they would have on my skin. I was content with my current skincare routine.

Fast forward to 2013 and all I would come across were the propositions from different albeit well-known brands within this category. Everyone I knew jumped on the sonic cleansing bandwagon (I kid you not, even my aunt bought one). I shied away from it because the standard route of cleansing was (and still is) something I'm comfortable with.  

I'm late to the party- I've only just had the chance to use Clarisonic's Mia Fit 2 and I can tell you that I'm pleasantly surprised. 

The latest cleansing devices by Clarisonic are known as Mia Fit 2 and Alpha Fit. Designed perfectly to fit your palm, this travel-sized device was developed keeping the different skin dynamics male and females have. While the Mia Fit 2 is developed for the female skin, the Alpha Fit is catered for a man's tougher textured skin. 

The Mia 2 for women is available in a baby pink shade and the Alpha Fit is a sturdy grey. Both devices come with a detachable brush that can be cleaned with water at any time. They feature a 2-speed setting: the first being 60 secs and is recommended for daily cleansing and the second, 80 secs- this particular speed setting is used for the times you have heavy makeup on. 

Due to its size, these devices fit well in the handbag or gym bag for that matter, and once charged, last for over 2 weeks (depends on how frequently you use them). 

In terms of usage, it's pretty straight forward to use although it looked quite intimidating to a first-time user such as myself. Clarisonic provides a cleanser along with the device, but I used mine anyway (Clarins). The cleanser goes on directly on the brush and once on, the device is to be used in circular motions on the skin. 

I used it religiously every morning and evening but didn't quite notice much of a difference in the first 5 days except for squeaky clean skin, devoid of any makeup residue. I used the first setting more than the second, because I usually don't apply heavy makeup. I have used the second setting (80 secs) thrice - twice after a work-out and once after being out and about in the afternoon. 

By the end of the second week, I did notice subtle radiance and smoother skin. It wasn't too drastic but something I'm appreciative of. I can attribute this to two things because I really haven't done anything different except for my skin-care routine: the first is the Mia 2 and other, a new face-mask. 

The Mia 2 has much softer bristles, almost like velvet when compared to the Alpha Fit. My brother's using the Alpha and he's mentioned his skin looks clearer. I'll give him more time on that one. 

Overall, my experience has been quite pleasant and I see myself using this device more in the morning. It's because I get awfully tired at the end of the day and I want to cleanse my skin pronto (using the age-old standard route i.e. my fingers!) and laze on my bed. 

The Mia 2 and Alpha Fit check off the boxes when it comes to performance and efficiency, not to mention the size. It also makes a great gift/ option to consider for those looking for a change or a new skin-care routine. 

Clarisonic Mia Fit 2 and Alpha Fit are available in Sephora stores across the UAE.

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