Perfecting Brows With Make Up Forever's Brow Show

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm glad I never messed about with my eyebrows when in high school. Shaping my eyebrows was the least of my concerns then. And I had read way too many horror stories about over plucking the two elements that frame your face. I had also witnessed some awful looking brows which were all the rage at that time (think pencil thin).

Then came along Cara Delevigne and she became the eyebrow muse. People rushed to the salons with pictures not of JLo or the Kardashians but of the British model- everyone wanted (still do) thicker looking fuller brows. There are some that are blessed with full arches that require minimal maintenance and then there's the lot that resort to either filling in their sparse brows or drawing them on.

For the latter, there's Make Up Forever's glorious brow kit that promises beautiful arches in a couple of minutes. And I can vouch for its effectiveness and ease.

Never underestimate the power of good eyebrows.

The brow kit features a handful of products to suit every individual. There's the palette for individuals well versed with powder, the new Pro Sculpting Pen for those who like more control, the Aqua Brow kit for flawless eyebrows and the new Brow Liner for creating the perfect arches. You don't have to use all of them- pick the one you are most comfortable with and you are on your way to creating effortless brows.

My favorite out of the lot is the Pro Sculpting Brow palette. It consists of 3 powder shades, wax and a highlighter. I had pretty much no idea how to use it (true story) so I strutted my way to Make Up Forever's store in Dubai Mall where the makeup artist was kind enough to enlighten me.

You start off by using a little wax on the areas of your eyebrows that require filling it. Once done, choose the powder shade- lighter shade to fill in the inner areas of the brows and darker towards the ends. Fill in your brows and finish with the highlight across and underneath the arches. If you've made an error, get a tiny bit of concealer on the brush and run it along the pesky error. You're done- quick and easy!

The Aqua Brow exhibits a creamy liquid consistency and a little goes a long way with this one. Use your brush to fill in the desired areas and say hello to your new brows. You must work a little quickly with this particular product as it is quite pigmented and has a tendency of drying (that's a plus point because you don't want to walk around with damp eyebrows). Shaping and lining the brows with the Aqua Brow will be easy if you are a pro handling such formulas. If not, try the Pro-Sculpting Brow 3-in-1 pencil.

This pencil is quite handy as it features an angled tip that aids in defining the brows, a built-in brush to comb the hair in place and a sponge tip that picks up, what is essentially a highlighter for the arches. The end result is truly effortless looking brows. I discovered the highlighter by accident(!) as I was fiddling with the pencil and it twisted in a different way. My first instinct was that I broke it (it's been in my hands for 5 mins and it broke?!) but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the highlighter. I mean, it is known as the 3-in-1 pencil, after all.

The final product is the Brow Liner. I feel you should use this if, similar to the Aqua Brow you are content navigating your face with a creamy product, especially on your brows. The Brow Liner aims to fill in the gaps and swift movements is all you will require. Use the Brow palette to complete the job. See below the before and after result. Gorgeous, isn't it?

As I said, my favorite is the Pro Sculpting Palette when compared to the rest of the brow kit products. My second favorite is definitely the Aqua Brow but it will take a little getting used to until I perfect it. Until then, I'm going to resort to the palette to fill in my brows.

Make Up Forever makes perfecting brows real easy. I always used to have the perception that filling in eyebrows is best left to a pro but ever since I got mine done at the store, I've realized all you need is a steady hand, a little bit of practice and patience. Cara Delevigne would be proud.

The brow kit products are available at all Make Up Forever stores across the UAE.

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