Bourjois' Latest: The Volume Reveal Mascara

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Of late, I've grown to love Parisenne brand, Bourjois. Their makeup is a delight to use and it never fails to impress. The very first product I used was the pot blush and I was quite impressed by the color pay off and longevity. The blush, being pigmented stayed on and did not budge for 4 hours straight. Later, I was introduced to the jumbo lip crayons and then the liquid matte lipsticks. Thus began my love for Bourjois.

What I love the most about them is that there's a notable product release every season. This season they introduced a new mascara, Volume Reveal. And I'm pleasantly surprised by the results.

Volume Reveal comes in a sleek mascara tube with a handy mirror on it. It's perfect for those 'I-need-to-put-on-mascara-real-quick' moments. Don't we all have those?

Whenever I get my hands on a new mascara, I always open the tube with bated breath because I'm picky when it comes to the bristles of the wand. Let me explain. Over the years, I've realized it's the brush followed by the formula that makes a massive difference, and not the other way around. You can put gold into a mascara but if the brush fails to perform, so will everything else.

So, when I opened Volume Reveal, I was a bit disappointed to see the sparse bristles. Nonetheless, I went on to apply the first coat and I stood there staring at my right eye in the mirror.

The mascara had carefully coated almost every lash in the first sweep and delivered a feathery look. Pretty impressive for the first coat! I applied two more layers and I'm happy to say that the mascara does everything it claims. It's easy to define almost every lash (even the short ones), the formula does not have an overwhelming mascara 'fragrance' to it and a second (or third) coat will transform blah lashes into lengthy ones. The mascara is definitely a lengthening one as opposed to voluminizing. But don't let that get in the way because you will end up with beautiful long lashes after that final coat.

The second element I look in when it comes to mascara is how easy is it to remove every last bit of the product off every lash. Removal is pretty easy as any makeup remover will dissolve the formula. With this mascara, you won't witness any fall-out (isn't that one of the best thing about mascaras after their lengthening/voluminizing properties?).

It's not too often that a mascara impresses me in the first round. I  really love Volume Reveal (I use the one in Radiant Black; there's a waterproof version as well) and have used it over my regular mascaras as well since the wand combs and separates the lashes. But I've come to realize, you don't really require other mascaras. Use the Volume Reveal on its own to witness lash transformation.

Also, let's talk about how gorgeous this pot blush and eye shadow is. Baby pink and smoky grey never looked better. Both have dustings of subtle shimmer and the blush (in 74 Rose Ambre) is perfect for a night out. I love the blush so much that I use it during the day as well.

Oh, did I mention me being a huge fan of matte lipsticks (about 80% of my lipstick collection is matte) made me fall in love with Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Matte collection?

I told you I quite love Bourjois. The Volume Reveal mascara is available across key retailers in the UAE.

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