Reviewed: Chateau de Versailles' Jardins de Versailles Fragrance

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I have a massive collection of fragrances at home and my friends can't really can't gift me fragrances (they fail to) because I usually buy the latest ones from brands that I have a strong loyalty towards. While I prefer more of a woody/oriental perfume, I own a handful of florals that I've re-purchased throughout the years.

I discover fragrances either when I'm in the mall and they hand over a sample strip or when someone talks about a particular one constantly. I can't exit a store empty-handed. Even if I don't intend to make a purchase and walk into a department store (Galeries Lafayette, I'm looking at you), I end up in the fragrances section in awe of the wonderful whiffs.

Discovering Chateau de Versailles, a French perfumerie was a delight. Jardins de Versailles pretty much encapsulates the fresh and pleasant whiff of the garden florals.

With notes such as mandarin, melon, peach, magnolia, orchid and rose among others, Jardins de Versailles feels like a bouquet of freshly snipped flowers. And it is! The fragrance lingers on for hours and is even more wonderful once it settles. I love the fact that it does not exhibit an overwhelming floral scent.

While the fragrance is defined as fruity floral, I sense more of floral than fruity. It's one of those perfect fragrances either for brunch or an evening dinner. I've received one too many compliments every time I wear it and I can't wait to discover more from the brand (hopefully, during my second trip to Paris).

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