Perfecting A Matte Pout With Arcancil's Very Mat

Saturday, August 27, 2016

My lipstick collection contains 90% matte lipsticks and while I have a variety of shades, most of them are skewed towards a dusty beige rose. It's my color and even my mum frustrated that I buy lipsticks of the same/similar shade every now and then.

I get really excited when brands launch matte versions of lipsticks. And I'm grateful that I have not used a matte lipstick that has dried out my lips or given me an adverse reaction. I also tend to buy darker matte colors from time to time or go really vibrant with the likes of fuschia and indigo.

When I first discovered Arcancil's Mat Hysteria, a range of liquid matte lipsticks I fell in love with the smooth as silk consistency and the resultant application in addition to the longevity. And then, the French brand released the Very Mat range. It goes without saying that my interest piqued and eventually I got my hands on it. The verdict?

I love it, for various reasons. This particular shade is Prune Mat, a gorgeous velvet plum shade that exudes a don't-mess-with attitude. Very Mat is pigmented and glides on smoothly, just like the Mat Hysteria lipsticks. I can vouch for its moisturizing properties as my lips, not once did flake or dry out. The reason being the lipstick contains beeswax and avocado oil- two ingredients that will keep your pout looking good throughout the time you wear it.

It doesn't survive a food and drink test, so you will have to reapply (just as you would with non-waterproof lip colors)  however, eliminate the consumption element and the shade will remain intact.

With autumn right around the corner, this color is perfect for the evenings. It's time to paint the town red, or should I say plum? The next time you want to create the perfect matte pout, consider either the Very Mat or Mat Hysteria. You will be spoilt for choice as they boast a variety of delightful colors.

Arcancil is available across leading retailers in the UAE.

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