The Food Byte: A Dubai Iftar At Barbecue Delights

Monday, June 13, 2016

I've visited to Barbecue Delights several times and it's always a joy to have gastronomic adventures there. It's a restaurant that serves finger-licking Pakistani cuisine and has branches across the city.

It's one of those restaurants you go to with your family over the weekend. And along with your family, you invite your cousins' family as well. You consume scrumptious food, converse about anything and everything under the sun whilst Snapchatting your food adventures.

With Ramadan on-going, I was invited to try the special Iftar buffet at their Downtown Dubai branch.

To suit (almost) everyone's taste buds, the buffet features a combination of Arabic and Pakistani cuisine.

The salad spread consists of fattoush, tabbouleh, the classic green in addition to chick pea and citrus salad. The appetizer station includes freshly baked flat bread, hummus, moutabel, baba ganoush and chicken corn soup to name a few.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes for the main course. My favorites though were the succulent meat and chicken kebabs or the Chicken Tikka marinated in yogurt stew.

The best thing about the kebabs is the fact that they are prepared in the hour, hence you get them fresh and refilled almost immediately once depleted (who doesn't like kebabs?). I quite loved the chicken version as they truly epitomised the definition of flavorsome meat.

The Chicken Tikka marinated in yogurt stew is another favorite and I think Barbecue Delights does it best. These are best eaten with a flat bread; alternatively, consuming them individually is equally satisfying.

Pakistani cuisine is incomplete without rice. It can't be the standard run-of-the-mill rice; featured here is Chickpea Rice infused with a variety of spices. On its own, the rice is delectable. Add either the chicken kebab or the Chicken Tikka and you have a winner.

I love chickpeas on their own- did you know half a bowl is equivalent to the protein you acquire from half a chicken? I absolutely loved this rice dish! In addition to this, the likes of Chicken Biryani, protein and fibre heavy Lentil Curry, Chicken Haleem and mixed vegetables are also part of the Iftar buffet. Seafood lovers can pick from Fried Prawns and Fish Tikka.

My meal is inadequate without desserts. I do have a sweet tooth after all. The buffet had a plethora of desserts ranging from Banoffee Pie to Rice Pudding.

Banoffee Pie is a preferred caramel based dessert of mine and this particular one made at the restaurant was a tad bit different to what I usually have. While they stayed true to the bananas and toffee version, there was something quite different about it (can't put my finger on it). Nonetheless, delicious!

A royalty of desserts, the Bread Pudding (known as Shahi Tukda) is always delectable. I've made this at home several times but can never capture the true essence of this dessert. Like they say, leave it to the experts.

And if you'd prefer something much more classic, take a bite of the Creme Caramel. The smooth as silk, melt-in-your-mouth flan is made to perfection. It's suffice to say I have also tried to concoct this at home but in vain.

Overall, I loved Iftar at Barbecue Delights. During Ramadan, I tend to gravitate towards fruits, soups, salads and a dessert or two. It's always nice to change things up once in a while. If there were just 2 dishes I could pick, I'd say the Chicken Kebabs and the Chickpea rice.

The Iftar at the Downtown Dubai branch will cost adults AED 95 and children AED 60. If you plan to head there for Suhoor, adults pay AED 65 and children AED 35.

Barbecue Delights has been bestowed with Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence! If that doesn't say something about the restaurant, nothing will.

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