Puma: Redefining Sports Style

Saturday, March 12, 2016

For as long as I can remember, Puma has been a firm favorite of mine. While my first pair of sneakers were from Fila (tennis lessons for kids can be interesting), I bought my second online (years ago) from Puma. There was something about a white pair of nifty sneakers with an elongated blue swish and an air-borne puma that intrigued me.

When my package arrived, I opened it with bated breath and the sneakers turned out to be perfect. Hurray for experiencing zero disappointed from an online purchase! I wore those sneakers regularly, much to mum's confusion, "Do you not have other shoes?". Eventually, I went on to buy a chromium Puma ring, which to this day is intact and I still wear it, on and off. It's one of those rings that is a favorite because firstly, its Puma and second, I bought it even though it didn't quite fit my finger, Don't judge me. I have a tendency to buy rings and then make them fit my finger (don't ask how). Besides, the ring was awfully wonderful to let go of. And it was the only one left.

Puma also happens to be the official kit provider of my favorite football club, Arsenal. I tell you, it was meant to be. For some odd reason, it gives me a sense of pride when I watch the Gunners racing past their opponents wearing a Puma manufactured kit.

Fast forward to 2016. If you follow Puma on Instagram, you'll know what an amazing account it is- from motivational fitness quotes (one can only dream of training like Usain Bolt) to incredibly delightful clothing and shoes- Puma is one brand that redefines the style of sports every now and then. And I love it. Fitness apparel is no longer boring and what you put on your feet is 50 times better than a decade ago.

For their Spring/Summer '16 collection, Puma renewed their 2015 collaboration with Alife, a New York based street style brand. Inspired by football and New York's heritage, the collection features graphic print jackets, T-shirts and shoes, that stay true to the classic Puma.

The most talked about collaboration, though is that of Puma and Rihanna. Effortlessly combining style and sports, the Autumn/Winter '16 collection, is a breath of fresh air.

Infusing Japanese street culture and the traditional elements of Puma, the Fenty collection carefully balances the old and new to deliver an incredible, never seen before collection for both, men and women.

Clothing includes kimono style robes (a nod to Japanese culture), bomber jackets and hoodies. Of note and my favorite is the footwear. The Fenty trainers look odd at first glance with their exaggerated proportions, but grow on you once you've seen them on your friend's feet, after which you desire them.

They pretty much check off the boxes for innovative futuristic trainers. A friend of mine got the red ones online and my God, do they look beyond incredible. It's one of those pairs where you go "They look so weird, why did you buy them?" and 30 mins later go, "Why didn't you tell me you were ordering? We could've ordered together! What kind of a friend are you???".  On a side note, they feel more of a fashion statement.

The full AW16 Puma by Rihanna collection will be available in stores September 2016. But if you can't wait for the Fenty trainers, just head to Puma's site and buy them.

The SS'16 Alife collection however, is available in stores in the UAE.

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