OPI: Driving Breast Cancer Awareness

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October is my favorite month. Apart from Halloween, there are so many things that happen (including birthdays!) and one of them are the Breast Cancer Awareness drives.

I'm of the opinion that we really don't require a specific month/event to be made aware of our health (or loved ones for that matter). But I appreciate and support initiatives that remind women that they must, apart from their families take care of themselves too.

I've heard several stories where women ignored the signs and then had life-changing moments. There are some touching stories of how trained pets were able to sniff out cancer and alert their owners just in time. 

So, please don't ignore the red flags. Get yourself checked. Or better yet, drive awareness by donating. 

Having said that, one of my favorite nailpolish brands OPI is supporting the cause. What better way to support it yourself by sporting this gorgeous pink known as I Think In Pink on your nails? 

I'm not a fan of pink but once in a while, you'll end up with a gorgeous pale pink like this. The first coat is sheer, but 2 coats does the job perfectly. As always, OPI never fails to impress. 

Having more than a handful of polishes by the brand, I can tell you that there's barely any chipping for about 4 days straight and the nails are as glossy as gloss can get. 

OPI is available at Lifestyle, Wojooh and Sephora across the UAE.

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