The Body Shop & You: Empowering Children This Ramadan

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Over the years, The Body Shop has regularly made an effort to champion environmental and social changes across the world. They make their voice heard through fundraising and charitable activities that in turn helps to improve the state of human rights, animal and environmental protection.

I appreciate a company that looks beyond their profit margin. In the region, The Body Shop develops and implements numerous charitable initiatives that require minimal effort from us. This year for Ramadan, they've partnered with War Child, a global charity that aims to improve the lives of children in war-trodden countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and more.

I was invited to be part of the launch event and was introduced to two new products. I got my hands on this gift set of fragrance mists- how amazing are the illustrations? If you look closely, it depicts the country of inspiration!

The Body Shop has created special Ramadan gift sets which contain a bouquet of the classics, bestsellers and new products.

From the Japanese Cherry Blossom Deluxe to the Ultimate Luxury Strawberry Collection, the gift sets feature shower gels, fragrances, body lotions, scrubs and much more.

When you purchase either of these gift sets, you automatically fund a war child to attend a class! It's that simple. You've not only done your part in empowering a child but also brought a smile on the face of a loved one when you hand them the gift set.

Advent calendars are trending in this region and The Body Shop launched their very own last year. This time, they've created an advent calendar that counts down to Eid. There are 30 products in the set and you discover one every day until D-day. Or like me, you can (rip) open the entire thing because you patience.

I love this concept especially when the products are a combination of skin and body care in addition to  makeup. It's the perfect gift set for someone who loves their body butters and fragrances.

Part of the launch also witnessed the appearance of the Red Musk and Life Is...collections.

The Red Musk range welcomed a new region relevant addition, the Red Musk Oud. I love oud and this particular one has found its spot on my wishlist. The making of oud means cutting down of certain trees and The Body Shop does not advocate such an activity.

Hence, to develop the Red Musk Oud Eau de Toilette, they blended olibanum, patchouli and cedarwood. The result is a beautiful fragrance. And the best part? The Red Musk Oud Deluxe Collection is one of the special gift sets that is part of the charity initiative. Wishlist item!

The Body Shop's bestselling Life Is...range now features Life Is...Gold and is available in the form of a fragrance and a scented oil. This floral fragrance boasts of mandarin, jasmine, freesia among other ingredients.

The Life Is...Gold and Life Is...collections are also part of the charity initiative. Isn't this a wonderful way of discovering new gems while lending a helping hand to those in need?

There are several different choices to pick from and the gift sets comes in varying sizes. They also make a good present, occasion or no occasion.

If you are gifting someone who is a fan of oud, I recommend you explore the Red Musk Oud Deluxe Edition. You can't go wrong with it.

The gift set I picked up is The Voyage Scents of the World Deluxe Collection. Nestled in a beautiful white and gold packaging featuring a Ramadan illustration, there are four fragrance mists- Indian Night Jasmine, Fijian Water Lotus, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Madagascan Vanilla Flower.

I love fresh, crisp fragrances and the Fijian Water Lotus is exactly that. It wakes you up instantly with its pure scent- definitely something that I'll be spritzing on myself all summer.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom is a second favorite and the Madagascan Vanilla Flower reminds me of vanilla ice-cream. These mists are perfect for the season and they fit snugly into the handbag as well.

The Body Shop's Send A Child To A Class initiative is a wonderful way to give the gift of education to a child. Everyone, regardless of their race and creed deserves education to prepare him/her for the future. I truly believe children are the leaders of the future. You never know...there might just be an Obama in the child you helped empower.

Let me know which gift set you picked up and whom you gifted it to (or did you keep it for yourself?).

The gift sets are available across The Body Shop outlets in the UAE.

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