Reviewed: Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille Fragrance

Monday, July 6, 2015

If you read my blog, you will be aware of my penchant for fragrances. While some may argue that you only need 1 to 2 fragrances that serve as your signature scent, I say experiment. Sure, we all have that all-time favorite fragrance that was love at first sight. No matter what, it will always remain a favorite and evoke certain memories. But there's always room to discover other fragrances that may end up in your beauty case.

For me, those fragrances are unique in the sense that they are a far cry from the bottles of scented liquid I own. I usually go for woody/oriental; I do dabble in subtle floral fragrances every now and then but had the chance recently to be part of something new (and unique).

British perfumery Miller Harris celebrated its 15th anniversary and selected our very own Dubai to launch the vibrant, inspired by the gardens Le Jardin D'enfance collection. I was invited to discover the world of Miller Harris at my favorite place for tea, Fortnum and Mason (I love it!).

As part of the collection, we were familiarized with three wonderful fragrances- Coeur de Jardin, Cassis en Feuille and Poirier d'un Soir. What I loved about the event was that the brand managers took the time to narrate the backstory of the new collection including details about the creator, Lyn Harris.

It was a wonderful journey and one of the things we discovered was that while Lyn is English, she spent quite a lot of time in France. And that's where the inspiration for the names of the fragrances came from. We also learnt about the arduous task the team has in order to cultivate certain key ingredients (some ingredients take up to 10 years to materialize!).

Le Jardin D'enfance narrates the story of gardens in their full glory and each of the fragrance are evocative of moments in time. Coeur de Jardin brings alive the daytime warmth whereas, Poirier d'un Soir highlights the honeyed dusk and Cassis en Feuille reminds you of the morning dew.

Coeur de Jardin is my favorite- a floral woody fragrance containing notes of bergamot, lemon, Turkish Rose, musk and patchouli to name a few. The dry down makes this an absolutely wonderful fragrance. I don't understand why Miller Harris don't have a body lotion and shower gel of Coeur de Jardin.

Cassis en Feuille is such a unique fragrance. It opens up with top notes of bergamot citrus, blackcurrant bud and pear while blending into tomato leaf and rose. The base notes are that of cedarwood and musk. It's quite a strong fragrance and while the top notes are on the floral side of things, the fragrance dries down to a bold masculine tinge. It may as well be unisex.

I did sense a little leather and or tobacco in it although these ingredients aren't part of it. It's quite long lasting which means you'd only require about 2-3 pumps to take you through the evening. I still prefer the Coeur de Jardin over this one as Cassis en Feuille is a little strong for my liking.

On that note, you must try Rose en Noir and Fleur Oriental. Both are beautiful fragrances- Fluer Oriental is quite crisp whereas Rose en Noir is floral with patchouli and tabacco as base notes. I've never owned a fragrance that contains tabacco and while it may sound a little awkward, when combined with other ingredients, the tabacco blends in beautifully.

If I were to choose a fragrance right now, I'd go for La Fumee Ottoman. Being a fan of woody/oriental scents, this one caught my fancy in an instant. You can safely assume that Lyn Harris loves Turkish rose- most of her collections include this ingredient and so does La Fumee Ottoman.

A floral woody fragrance, you will instantly note the blend of Turkish rose, strong spices and frankincense. I love this and it may well become a classic to be worn during the evening.

It feels great to have discovered Miller Harris and I can't wait to add La Fumee Ottoman to my collection (perhaps the Rose en Noir, Fleur Oriental and Coeur de Jardin too). They have quite a collection of floral, fruity and woody fragrances to suit every individual. Because they are in a league of their own, the fragrances make a wonderful gift to those who are always on the lookout for something unique.

Miller Harris is available at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale's and Areej in the UAE.

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