Glorious Locks With L'oreal's Jewel Edition Mythic Oil

Friday, July 17, 2015

I can't count on my fingers how many girls in the country complain about their hair. Even the girls with the prettiest hair have something to say about the humidity/ heat that is wrecking havoc on their tresses. Dubai's unforgivable heat not only melts your makeup but gives you a head full of frizz.

The other day I had blow dried my hair at home in a hurry whilst skipping the serum because I was late (never doing this again) and headed to my favorite hotel in the city, Zabeel Saray. If you haven't been there yet, do so. It truly is an exceptional hotel with impeccable service and grand views. After having lunch at Nafoorah (another good Lebanese restaurant), I waited outside for the valet to get my car. Sure enough, there was a warm breeze that navigated through my hair every now and then. I didn't pay much attention, got in the car and drove back home. What I'm going to say next is not exaggerated.

Upon reaching home, I looked into the mirror to remove my eye-make up and that's when I spotted it. My blow dry pretty much looked like two squirrels just raced in several spots in my hair. Hello, major frizz! That's what humidity does to your hair especially when you decide to style your hair at home and not use a finishing product.

Frizzy hair is one of the sworn hair enemies of girls across the globe. A trusty pomade usually does the trick for sleek hair but there's one product I reach out to regularly after a hair wash. It's either a serum or light-weight hair oil (argan oil is a favorite). The latter is all the rage; coconut oil is on the other side of this spectrum as it is in no way a light-weight hair product. I've used L'oreal's Mythic Oil previously and ever since its inception, they've partnered with a number of designers to launch special/limited edition bottles housing this hair oil.

The most recent collaboration is with Vanessa Pinoncely, the designer behind Dear Charlotte. I have a huge appreciation for art and illustrations, so I always note the packaging on such bottles. Pinoncely designed a special hair barrette that accompanies the bottle- what better way to glorify your hair than to use a pretty accessory on your crowning glory?

The Jewel Edition Mythic Oil, suitable for all hair types is a nourishing blend of avocado oil and grapeseed oil. While the latter contains antioxidants, avocados are known for their vitamins and omega-3 oils- try using an avocado hair mask for instant hair revival.

The oil is similar to its predecessors- truly light-weight and is absorbed by the hair in a matter of seconds i.e. no greasy look. What it does is soften the hair upon application- I've experienced this time and time again. And this is one of the key reasons I use such oils. Softer hair also tames the (ridiculous) frizz to some extent. Apart from this, it imparts a subtle shine and a fresh fragrance (think juicy green grapes). It usually takes me about four pumps to apply this within all sections of my hair. I also get it applied right after a blow dry (these products are also available at key salons, so request the hair dresser to do so). You can also use this on the ends to nourish the dry strands.

It's been my go to hair oil and using it after a hair wash on almost dry hair makes it manageable (I'm still leaving the blow dry to the professionals). The L'oreal Jewel Edition Mythic Oil x Dear Charlotte is a limited edition release, so get it while you can and tame those tresses. Nobody wants to have a squirrel race in their hair.

*The product(s) was sent by the brand/ its reps. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

Nafisa Sadia said...

do you think this would be suitable for oily scalp?
i tend to get an oily scalp one- two days after shampooing but the frizz still remains :(

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