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Thursday, June 4, 2015

In Dubai, we have something known as perpetual summer with temperatures rising up to 48 degrees. We get about 3-4 months of winter and then before you know it, summer's back. The good thing about summer is that you get to wear those maxi dresses, floppy hats and airy tops.

Summer also means beach time for about 80% of the population here which translates to perfectly tanned skin that reflects a golden sheen under the sun. 

And what's summer without talking about cooling coconut water or refreshing water infused with lemon? It's important to hydrate on the inside as well as outside and these summer essentials from Soap & Glory's are perfect for the season. 

Instant spray tans are all the rage for girls who don't want to spend time on a tanning bed and are looking for a quick fix. My hand model, Nadia happily volunteered to test both of Soap & Glory's quick tan solutions: the Glow Getter and One Night Tanned. 

The Glow Getter is a bronzing powder spray, similar to airbrush foundation. I  loved the way it went on Nadia. You need a steady hand and once you spray, it is best not to concentrate on a specific area for long. Spray it on evenly and  use a makeup brush to blend in. 

The best bit is since it is a powder spray, it does not streak but delivers an airbrush finish. It has a pleasant floral/fruity fragrance and settles in quickly. 

What you see here is one blast of the spray. If you want a darker tan, increase the intensity by using it at least twice. Glow Getter can be removed by either using a baby wipe or washing it off. 

The One Night Tanned Instant Beach Bronze Buttergel is literally a beach and fresh coconuts packed in a tube. For those who aren't fans of spray tans, this product is the perfect solution. 

Exuding a coconut-ty fragrance, a dollop of this light-weight gel goes on smoothly to deliver a gorgeous sun-kissed finish with subtle shimmer and hydrates the skin as it contains shea butter. One Night Tanned gives more of a natural finish as opposed to the Glow Getter. And I say this because if you end up spraying a tad bit more in one area, you will have to match that across the full arm/leg.

Similar to Glow Getter, the bronzer will come off with either a baby wipe or water. I noticed that you have to wash your arms/legs a little more than twice to remove every last bit of the Buttergel. 

You can't have gorgeously tanned skin if you don't have smooth skin. Eliminate the bumps and scaly skin but using Soap & Glory's famous Flake Away.

I've heard rave reviews of this body scrub and I can vouch for its effectiveness. Made with skin softening and smoothing ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter, sugar, sea salt and peach seed powder, this scrub is little dense but does the job perfectly. 

It has a strong fruity fragrance and the standard sized exfoliating granules dissolve after a few seconds of scrubbing. It definitely eliminates dead/flaky skin to reveal a much more polished surface. The fragrance lingers on for a while you admire your smooth as silk skin. 

Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter, a body cream will lock in the satin feeling your skin has. 

Similar to Flake Away, the cream has a strong fragrance. Containing shea butter and aloe vera, this lightweight cream is absorbed by the skin instantly and doesn't leave a greasy finish. 

My favorite is the Hand Food. Boasting of ingredients such as shea butter, grape seed oil and macadamia oil, this hand cream sinks right into the skin. The result is hydrated hands that have a subtle peach fragrance. 

I've stashed the Hand Food in my handbag- it's one of those hand creams I reach out for every now and then. 

What do you think of these summer essentials? Have you tried any? Got a favorite?

Soap & Glory is available at Boots Pharmacy across the UAE.

*The product(s) was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

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