The Food Byte: Taste of Wafi '15, Dubai

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I have a crazy sweet tooth. I will happily make the most complicated desserts than cook savory dishes. While I love a serving of chocolate mousse, I appreciate cafes and restaurants that have a unique selection of desserts.

Dubai has its fair share of food tasting/sampling events and I happened to pay one a visit recently. A food bazaar that celebrates culinary culture, the Taste of Wafi will woo all the foodies. It also happens to be a dessert lovers heaven.

Taking place every Saturday from 10am to 7pm, April 18th through June 13th, 2015, the bazaar hosts a selection of homegrown treats ready to be sampled and purchased. Think mini cheesecakes, chocolate truffles, nutella injected cookies, almond caramel tarts and everything in between.

What I loved the most was that majority of the offering was local. Emarati tradition came alive in the form of Bteeth (also written as Bteth), among others. The sweets that consists of a few ingredients such as dates, flour and oil along with either cinnamon, coconut or nuts is quite delicious.

While it isn't local, A Tarte specializes in almond tarts and similar. I had a quick bite of it and let me tell you- it was truly a unique dessert. The tart was rich in flavor and immediately got my seal of approval.

Don't like the standard big serving of cheesecakes? Try the miniature version. How cute do they look? Plus it is made by an Emarati girl. This makes me so happy!

House of Sweets is a local establishment and caters to quite of few sweet treats. My favorite? Mini cookies with filling of your choice. You must try the Nutella flavor. The cookies are literally oozing with Nutella. This has a strictly no sharing label on it!

I do love Turkish Delight. It's one of those sweets that call you to the dark side (just like Nutella) and you eat it with no regrets. I'll take 3 of these boxes please- include the coconut flavor!

I went a little crazy on the cookies. How can you not buy them when they look like that? And when they come in gift boxes, it makes things even better. I gifted my cousin one; she sat in front of the TV and ate the entire box...without sharing.

The food bazaar can get a little overwhelming because every stall has something you will want to sample and buy! The desserts are truly mouth-watering and I highly recommend you try the local sweets especially Bteeth.

It's incredible being part of such a bazaar that's rich in Emarati cuisine. It made me happy to see local food entrepreneurs especially women as young as 20 years taking the initiative to realize their dreams. And what better way to do it than through sweet treats!

The Taste of Wafi takes place in the Colonnade area of Wafi Mall, Dubai. Don't forget, it's on every Saturday, 10am to 7pm until June 13, 2015. Also, there are no issues with parking either- how cool is that?

Don't forget to tell me what you brought home!

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