Pocket Sized Fun With Woojoh's Chunky Funky Lipsticks

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The craze of the chubby lipsticks is far from over. Several brands have successfully navigated into this territory and managed to deliver exceptional performance and color among other things. Jumping on this bandwagon is Wojooh with the Chunky Funky Lips line.

I've tried my share of chubby lipsticks previously, so I was quite happy to test these out. Some turn out to be wonderful and some, mediocre. The best part about these products is the fact that the tip is in the shape of a pencil nib, so application becomes a breeze.

No bleeding, no unholy smudges and no staring in the mirror in disbelief as the smudged color stains the skin around your mouth while you desperately try to take it off without disturbing your foundation.

I put to test two of the Chunky Funky Lips- a Covrvette red called Krazy Karaz and a metallic nude known as Sweet Jallab.

The jumbo crayons available in 6 shades, are pigmented,  shimmery and quite creamy. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, they keep lips hydrated while reflecting a beautiful color.

Krazy Karaz instantly became a favorite of mine. I've upped my arsenal of red lip colors and this slots in perfectly. It doesn't withstand the food & drink challenge, so you will have to reapply once your food adventures are done and over with.

Being a matte lipstick fan, I couldn't resist mattifying Krazy Karaz. The result was a rich don't-mess-with-me red. Sweet Jallab on the other hand did not interest me as much. While it is a metallic nude, it does not go well with all skin tones and sort of looks like something from the

Overall, these pocket sized pencils are quite handy when it comes to a quick touch-up and they haven't disappointed me. I'm just hoping Wojooh releases a matte version of these- I'll be the first one to get it!

Wojooh Chunky Funky Lips are available across Wojooh stores in the UAE.

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