March Glambox Revealed

Monday, April 13, 2015

Isn't it always amazing to receive a new product in the monthly Glambox? I, for one was ecstatic when I opened up March's Glambox and discovered a new gem from Dove.

I love Dove and it has never disappointed- the soaps, the hair care range, the body care range...they are all glorious and do exactly what they claim. There are several products by Dove that are available in the US but not here, so I was quite excited when Glambox included the Conditioning Facial Cleanser. A little goes a long way with this creamy cleanser that wipes away makeup and other impurities. It contains NutrimMoisture, a serum that keeps skin soft and hydrated. Overall, the cleanser does its job, doesn't leave the skin dry, is amazing and has a wonderful fragrance. In my books, Dove can do no wrong.

My next favorite product is the Glam Gals lipstick. Do you remember the matte version in February's Glambox? I was quite happy to get my hands on the glossy version. Pigmented and moisturizing, this lip color is gorgeous.

The Enchanteur Moisturizing Cream is a blast from the past. People who have been born and raised in Dubai will remember this brand. A non oily cream, it keeps the skin nourished while leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 100 is another favorite of mine. I appreciate Glambox and Bioderma for adding this into the boxes on a regular basis. It is perfect for summer and even better in terms of size when it comes to stashing it in the handbag. I am a firm believer of sunscreen and with Dubai's harsh summer upon us, it is essential to use a high SPF protective cream. Photoderm is absorbed immediately by the skin (but does leave a slightly white tinge- but nothing to be alarmed about).

Matricium by Bioderma is to be used on damaged skin. It promises to promote cell renewal and turnaround the skin's health. I haven't tried this yet (primarly because I don't have damaged skin. In this case, Bioderma defines damaged skin as one that has lesions or subjected to dermatological procedures or to first-degree burns).

This month's box also had vouchers from Soho Grill, weight loss shakes, and Symmetry Gym.

What's your favorite from the box? If you'd like a box of beauty goodies delivered to your doorstep, and get 25% off your subscription (woohoo!), sign up today and use the special code: GBNEELOFER to avail the discount.

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