Usher In Spring Nails With Wojooh

Monday, March 23, 2015

If there's one thing I like about the Spring season, it is the vibrant palette that accompanies it- be it in clothing or makeup. Spring also means neatly manicured nails that are show-off worthy and I'll forever be collecting polishes in dark and bright colors with the former being a favorite.

Woojoh (formerly Faces) launched their Color Ritual Breath-in polishes that feature an array of colors, from a barely there beige to a forest green.

Wojooh states the nail polishes are porous in nature and lend a glossy finish. Don't be alarmed by the fact that it is porous. It applies like any other polish.

The application is a breeze, you need just 2 coats for a gorgeous polished finish. This color is a beautiful midnight blue.

It stayed on for a good 4 days before I noticed minor chipping. The matte polish is a great alternative to those who are fans of the latest trends. One coat of it and you get a velvet finish. I feel a matte coat looks amazing on darker polishes as opposed to pastels,

Have you tried Woojoh's Breath-in polishes? Do you have a favorite?

*The product was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

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