The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Crate & Barrel

Monday, December 22, 2014

Say hello to the third part of the holiday gift guide! At this time of the year, several people look to either revamp their homes (most of the stores have promotions in full swing) or are moving into a new home. And that means new furniture! I love furniture shopping but hate going from one store to another if I can't find my ideal/dream pieces.

Crate & Barrel in Dubai makes it so much easier- I've spotted a few coffee tables, mugs and accessories that became an instant favorite. And to make things even better, they are offering 25% off on select furniture.

If you are visiting a friend who just moved into their new apartment or are looking to breathe life into your home, here are a few ideas.

Do you see the trunk shaped tables in the picture on the top left? They are actual trunks of acacia trees polished and refined to perfection. It's quite unique and my favorite. Look how fab those cute festive cups are. And those glorious candle holders? It is things like these that make up a room.

That snowflake pan is a must have! Imagine having fancy pancakes for breakfast. I'd use the pan throughout the year- it is too good to limit it to December only. Those polar bear glasses are quite fun and look perfect when juices are served in it.

And while we are on the topic of polar bears, check out his appearance on the cushion. I'll take the glasses and the cushion as presents, thank you. Eating food out of a snowflake plate? Yes, sir!

Apart from some classic products inspired by the modern farmhouse, there are a variety of couches, tables and other furniture to choose from. I love the different shaped serving boards and festive accessories- they are a far cry from the standard pieces most homes have.

This is a small selection of what's available. Pretty sure you'll be spending quite some time browsing the aisles. I did! Don't forget to avail the 25% discount on select furniture.

You can shop the Fall 2014 Collection at Crate & Barrel stores in Mall of the Emirates and Mirdif City Centre, Dubai.

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