The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Caron La Selection Discovery Perfume Set

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Those who know me are aware of my penchant for fragrances. I have a few all time favorites that I use on special occasions. I'm not a fan of overpowering floral fragrances, I like the subtle version and appreciate the woody and (to some extent) oriental kind.

My vast fragrance collection is due to the fact that I usually purchase them when launched rendering my friends attempts to gift them to me futile. Once a friend told me that he had planned to get me a fragrance for my birthday and discovered through another friend that he should look for something else.

Having said that, when I step into the likes of Galeries Lafayette, Paris Gallery or Areej, it can get a bit difficult to find a perfect fragrance for friends or family (cousin, I'm talking about you!). What if they don't quite like it? What if they changed their minds in terms of oriental vs. the fresh florals? To nip the problem at the bud, you need to gift wrap a perfume box that houses an assortment of mini fragrances of different kinds.

Caron's La Selection Discovery Set for women is perfect for the season and for the fragrance lover in your life. It literally helps you discover which Caron fragrance you will fall in love with and comes with an empty purse spray.

Featuring six different Caron fragrances, the weightless bottles fits like a glove in the purse spray container. All you have to do is place the bottle into the container and you are good to go.

Here's a breakdown of what the six are like:

My Ylang is a floral fragrance. The first spritz comes off way too strong but once it settles, you can sense the blackcurrant bud, mandarin and vanilla.

Nocturnes is a pleasing citrus combined with a subtle oriental dash. Rose and jasmine make up this fragrance while leaving a trail of woody-amber, almost like musk.

Parfume Sacre is blatantly oriental. Pepper and cinnamon dominate the top notes followed by rose, musk and myrrh. This is quite a unique fragrance and slowly becoming a favorite of mine.

Piu Bellodgia is a combination of fresh floral and oriental. Quite a delicate fragrance with carnation and green lily as the top notes, hence the fresh floral scent. Cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, cedar and musk reveal a refreshing dry down.

While these fragrances are nice, my favorites are Aimez-Moi and Lady Caron. When I was testing out the bunch, these 2 captured my attention.

Aimez-Moi is easily a brilliant medley of oriental with a floral dash. Infused with Bergamot, aniseed, vanilla and magnolia, the fragrance takes you on an olfactory adventure.

Lady Caron is floral, fruity and a swish of oriental blended to fragrance perfection. The floral composition consist of magnolia and neroli. The dry down brings alive the subtle peach and raspberry hints followed by the woody yet pleasant whiff of oakmoss.

All fragrances from this set are quite long lasting and linger on for hours. They develop into a slightly different but better version once they hit the dry down stage.

Like I said, if you are stumped on what fragrance to gift, try this set. It makes a wonderful present and you can't go wrong with floral, oriental and cirtus fragrances in one box.

The Caron La Selection Discovery Perfume set is available at the Caron store in Dubai Mall.

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