Review: Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serums

Monday, December 8, 2014

One of things that caused a long queue of women outside Boots Pharmacy in the UK in 2007 was an anti-ageing serum. The product sold out quickly and a waiting list was created for women who couldn't get their hands on the product. Eventually it made its way on eBay with a 288% markup which women purchased anyway. Such was the influence of the product.

Dubbed as the mircale anti-ageing serum, Boots Pharmacy has launched an improved version known as the No.7 Protect and Perfect Advanced serums and it come in 2 forms.

The Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum is designed for the younger segment of the audience i.e. 25-35 year olds. It helps keep fine lines at bay (i.e. delays the appearance) and combats dull skin.

The Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum targets women over 35 years. The serum focuses on key skin concerns such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

The consistency of both serums is a combination of mousse and gel. Once you apply it, the serum is absorbed by the skin in a matter of a few seconds and gives you a velvety finish. There is absolutely no residue left behind which facilitates the next step- moisturizer.

So, does Boots' best selling serums work?

I used the Protect and Perfect Advanced serum while my mom used the Intense version. For 2.5 weeks straight (I did miss out a few days though), I used the serum once every evening while mom used hers for 3 weeks, twice a day- morning and evening.

While I don't have any major skin concerns yet, I did notice my skin is smooth. My mom however, did notice quite a few things. Apart from her skin turning out to be smooth, the minor fine lines on her forehead were blurred. In addition to this, her skin is a tad bit radiant. Just a note on the fine lines- they have not disappeared completely and neither do we expect them to; you can't arrest the development of wrinkles, that is the skin's natural process. What the Protect and Perfect serum does do is smooth them out so they don't appear as prominent and eventually, it should slow down the process of wrinkles as such.

Overall, the serums don't disappoint. It will serve as a great investment for mature women looking to delay the ageing process. Those that already have wrinkles or the emergence of fine lines, I suggest you try the Intense version. Better yet, ask Boots for a sample before you purchase the product because such serums in general, do have some ingredients that may cause an adverse skin reaction (breakouts is the most common one).

Drop in a comment if you've already tried either of the serums. I'd love to know what you think!

The No.7 Protect and Perfect Advanced and Intense serums are available across Boots Pharmacy in the UAE.

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