Review: The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil Collection

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read or hear about argan oil is the superior moisturizing properties. Argan oil was used as a key ingredient in hair products and now it has become an integral part of several skin and body care products.

The latest example being The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil collection.

The Body Shop sent me the Shower Gel, Solid Oil and Body Scrub to try. I initially felt the fragrance  was way too sweet, but it grows on you once you use it. Now the fragrance is just incredible and I have been caught opening the Body Scrub jar just to get a whiff of it.

For those who have been living under a rock, here's the run-down on why argan oil is the current beauty craze. The oil contains essential fatty acids including the famous Omega 6 and because of such ingredients, it tends to leave the skin hydrated and smooth. It also doubles up as a hair moisturizer and combats frizz/dry hair to some extent.

The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil nine product collection is quite good and doesn't disappoint. Don't assume that using the products will leave your skin greasy/oily. None of the products do that.

The Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel is wonderful and does its job every time I use it. It keeps my skin hydrated and a pleasant fragrance lingers on.

My favorite product is the Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub. This product is incredible! Apart from being infused with argan oil, it contains minuscule fragments of the argan shell and serves as an excellent body exfoliator. Don't be alarmed by the fact that the product contains the shell. The exfoliating beads are not abrasive and neither do they cause any dryness. Instead, you end up with supple skin. I love this so much that I am already half way through the jar.

What I usually do, is use the Shower Gel followed by the Rough Scrub and the Miracle Solid Oil.

This multi-purpose solid oil caters to extra dry areas on the body and dull/dry hair. Despite the argan oil, this product melts into the skin almost instantly and does not leave an oily film behind.

I haven't used this regularly but when I do, I apply it on areas of my arms especially those prone to dryness. The oil manages to soften the skin and eliminate traces of dryness- pretty sure if I use this often, I'll be able to complain less about those annoying patches.

As for applying the oil to the hair, I used to apply it  scarcely when the hair was almost dry. My mum advised to use it when the hair is slightly damp and it works better this way! Once my hair dries, it's moderately soft to touch as opposed to what it is in its normal state. I'll reiterate what I said- despite containing argan oil, none of these products give you an oily finish.

Overall, I absolutely love this collection. I can't get enough of the body scrub and will definitely go back to the store to stock up. If your skin needs a pick-me-up, you must try this collection.

Have you already tried this range? If so, which one is your favorite and which one should I try next?

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Collection is now available in stores across the UAE.

muzyna said...

Looks divine I need to try this out !

Latifah said...

i lovvvvveeeee body shop, cant wait to buy this!!!!!!

sanam Gambhir said...

Wow looks divine...
can't wait to try this from the body shop...

Samareen Khan said...

Nice review. I've been looking for good argan oil for my hair since long. You said it's for dry hair, would it work for my extremely oily hair (my shampoo only works for a day max)???

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