Review: Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Fragrance

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Every time I visit Bath and Body Works, I end up buying things I don't necessarily need. Don't get me wrong. Their products are great and I have no complains but there seems to be an invisible existential pull from the candles and shower gel sections. How else can you explain my purchases despite having the same thing at home?

The same phenomenon occurred when I was invited to preview Bath and Body Works' latest, Dark Kiss Eau De Parfum.

If you are a fan of the brand, you'll rejoice at the fragrance launch. The Dark Kiss range of body-care products is a firm favorite among many girls I know. I see the mini body lotion bottles lined up neatly  on their tables in bedrooms and offices, alike. 

Just like the lotion, the fragrance emulates the blend of plum, black raspberry, vanilla and peony among others. The first spritz brings about the combination of berries and plum. Once it settles, the fragrance envelopes you into a blanket of creamy vanilla and plum. 

Despite the inclusion of musk, it is more of a fruity floral fragrance and best suited for the evening (lasts for a good 5-6 hours straight). You will love it if the body lotion is a can't-live-without product for you. For me, it is a tad bit too sweet. My mum and friend on the other hand, quite like it. 

And in case you are wondering what I purchased (unnecessarily), I bought a handful of candles...despite having 2 candles at home that are yet to be lit. Have you tried Mahogany Teakwood? What about Japanese Cherry Blossom? Or Moonlight Path? I can go on and on...

What's your favorite from Bath and Body Works? Let me know so I can try it!

Dark Kiss Eau de Parfum is now available across the Bath and Body Works stores in the UAE.

Opinionated Girl said...

Bleh! Not the biggest fan of this scent :/ it actually kinda made me sick -- I LOVE their forever Red though!

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