Competition: Win AED 1,500 Makeup Goodies

Friday, September 19, 2014

Updated: The winners of the competition are:

Farah Kachlan
Aroosa Abdullah

Please shoot me a Facebook message with your email address and mobile in order to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated.


Who wants to revamp their beauty collection? With winter right around the corner (wishful thinking, I know), this is the perfect time to refresh your collection.

I've collaborated with my wonderful sponsors to gift three of my readers with goodie bags filled to the brim (and I mean it!) with gorgeous makeup, hair and skincare products- the total value of the 3 bags combined is AED 1,500. I couldn't fit all the products in the picture below but you get an idea of what to expect. If not, let me lay it down for you.

Each goodie bag is worth AED 500 and contains foundations, concealers, eye pencils, blushes, lipsticks, gloss, mascara, skincare, hair care products and so much more! 

A huge thank you to the wonderful and generous sponsors: Benefit Cosmetics, Max Factor, Olay, Neutrogena, Herbline Essentials, Dove and Sunsilk

Here's how to win:

1) Like my Facebook page and the pages of the sponsors (links above).
2) Like my Twitter page (here and here), Instagram (@DarkRangerN) and Pinterest.
3) Go through my blog and leave a comment on any of the posts (tell me what you think, what you like about the review/post etc).
4) Once you have done the above, comment on this post by mentioning your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account name.

Winners will be chosen on a random basis. You must follow all steps to be eligible to win else your entry will be disqualified. Prizes must be collected from Dubai. 

Competition open to UAE residents only. Good luck!

fatema said...

TWITTER : fatema_painter
Instagram : fatemapainter
pin interest : fatema painter

done all the steps
hope to win

Neeta Rajwani said...

Done all the steps.

TWITTER : @neetarajwani
IG : @neetarajwani
PInterest : Neeta Rajwani

A big wish to win this awesome and amazing giveaway.

Tabassum Abdul Majeed said...

Done! hope to be lucky!

Savannah NOT Banana said...

Twitter - @Easyaspiemmmpie
Facebook - Savannah Fernandes / Easy as pie in Dubai
Pinterest - @easyaspiemmmpie
Instagram - @easyaspiemmmpie

Nesa Rao said...

FB: Nesa Rao
Twitter@ nesaraokhan
Pintrest: Nesa rao

Humera Jawad said...

Hi, I followed all the steps finger crossed
My facebook account name is Humera jawad
Twitter account name is @humerajawad
Instagram name is humerajawad
Pinterest account name is humera jawad

Trupzi said...

FB: queentrupti, Twitter: @trupzi, Instagram: @trupzi, Pinterest: @star_lite

hira javaid said...

Hira Javaid Qureshi
hirajq to search me on all accounts
hoping to win the goodies :D

Isabella Yousuf said...

Facebook: Isabella
Instagram: isabellayousuf

WOW! Super prize galore....this is definitely every women's wish list.

Selma Romola said...

Done all the steps.
Facebook : Selma Romola
Twitter: Selma Romola
Instagram :selro123
Pintrest : Selma Romola R.

Trust it is in order. Look forward to winning with you

Bhavesh Hablani said...

wish to win with u

Eram Rasool said...

I enjoy that you cover a wide variety on your blog from beauty to skincare to fashion and I absolutely love that you have so many giveaways for your readers. Thanks
FB Name : Eram Rasool
Twitter : eram81
Instagram : eram81
Pinterest : Eram Rasool

Sahar Sh said...

Amazing giveaway! :) Done all the steps.

Twitter: @saharshabs
IG: sahari_hussein
Facebook: Sahar Sh
Pinterest: Sahari H

Cathy Rodrigues said...

All steps done.
Face book - Cathy Rodrigues
Twitter / Instagram - @rodriguescathy
Pinterest - Cathy

Love to win once with you! Cheers!

Namita V Suri said...

wow- awesome giveaway dear Neelofar...spreading a good word on all networks.....wishhhhh to winnnnn

Marni Rodrigues said...

Dear Neelofer,

I love your giveaways and you really have some amazing goodies there.

Hope to win

Fb Name ;Martha Rodrigues

Namita V Suri said...

My name on all networks is same namitavsuri (Namita V Suri)

Shilpa Jain said...

following you everywhere, since long time. No pinterest account.
Fb: Shilpa Jain
Twitter: Shilpa4669
Instagram: Shilpa4669

Hope to win this awesome giveaway.

Mariam Mukhtar said...

Done all facebook name is Mariam Mukhtar, Twitter name is mariamrose2005, Instagram mariammukhtar2013, pininteres is mariam mukhtar... followed all the steps...hope to win :) I love to look beautiful at all times..fingers crossed..

muqadas waheed said...

Muqadas Raheel,twitter muqadas waheed ,wish to win done all steps

muqadas waheed said...

muqadas Raheel .Done all steps ,wish to win with you

Andaa Murar said...

Andaa murar .pinterest
andaa murar . Fb
andaa77. Twitter .instagram

done all

Janan R said...

Name : Janan R
email :
FB : Janan Shi
Twitter : @jananshi
Instagram : @jannyramy
Pinterest : Janan Shi

suzann said...

i want to win

farah chahal said...

done all the steps
facebook : farah chahal merheb
twitter : farahchahal
instagram : farahchahal
pinterest : farahchahal


Hope to win....fingers crossed !
Face Book : seema shelat (
Twitter : semeet
Instagram : seema_shelat
Pinterest : Seema Shelat

Suresh Tilwani said...

Done.... complied wid all steps. Fingers crossed !

rifat said...

wish to be lucky dear.
rifat tahir (face book)
MrsRifat (twitter)
RIFATTAHIR 9instagram)
rifat (pinterest)

aviation said...

done wish to win ,,,,,Neelam Zahid.

Rajni Jethani Janyani said...

Wow, thanks for the chance...

Rajni Jethani Janyani said...

I love makeup, wishing to win one goodie bag atleast...

Dale D'Souza said...

Awesome Giveaway! Hope to win!

Khushbu Gandhi said...

followed all steps. wish to win.
Facebook: Khushbu Gandhi
Twitter: @love_khushbu
Instagram: khushbu_gandhi2000
Pinterest: khushbugandhi37

Anonymous said...

I love cosmetics which gives me beauty to my face. If we are too also through cosmetics specially dove products we look still young, sweet 16.

Elena said...

Facebook : Elena Arsene
Twitter : @ElenaArsene
Instagram : saadxb( Elena Arsene)
Pinterest : Elena Arsene

Aktha J said...

FB name: Aks Jiyas
Twitter: @EktaJeez
Instagram: DJEKTA
Pintrest: Aks Jiyas
Wish to win :-)

Faiza saud said...

Done all the steps above
Facebook : Faiza Saeed
Twitter: @FaizaSaud
Instagram: @faiza.saeed
Pintrerest : faiza saeed

Nida Moughal said...

OMG Those Benefit Goodies I m dying =p
I follow you everywhere =)
FB Nida Moughal
Twitter @glittersmitter5
Instagram Glittersmitter5
Pinterest Nida Moughal

Anonymous said...

Hope to win.. FB - Rreema Bhatia
Twitter - rreemagb
Instagram - rreemabhatia
Pininterest - Rreema

shada nazeer said...

Done all steps .
Fb name :shada Nazeer
Instagram : shadanazeer
Twitter :shadanazeer

Suresh Tilwani said...

shared again n again wish to win

Hanz Swiftie said...

done Fb name; Henna Bhojwani

Anonymous said...

Name Arti Bhatia
Fb /
Twitter - arti_bh
Instagram - arti_bh

Shilpa Jain said...

Done all.
Facebook: Shilpa Jain
Twitter: Shilpa4669
Instagram: Shilpa4669
no pinterest account

I posted comment 2 days in a row. but the comments are not visible. So posting again.

Zainub Naeem said...

All steps done ^_^

Facebook: Zainub Naeem
Twitter: @ZainubZulfiqar
Pinterest: Zainub Naeem
Instagram: ZainubNaeem

Fingers crosseddd :)


Twitter @mariakhz
LIKED SPONSERS PAGE TOO..That means all steps done..done ..done.. :)

shazia mushtaq said...

Awesome giveaway !
My details -
Facebook - Shazia Mushtaq
Twitter - @shazia2579
Instagram - @shazia2579
Pinterest - shazia2579

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Awesomeeee prize. Would love to win this one.
Following you on all SM platforms.
Twitter- @pinkasfourablog
IG- pinkasfourablog
fb- Monica Ramesh Prii
Pinterest- Monica Ramesh.

Hope to be super lucky!


Anonymous said...

Facebook: halima.bano.1
Twitter: Halimaakt
instagram: halimabanoam
Pinterest: halimabano1

kashmakash786 said...

Hope to win..
FB - Rreema Bhatia
Twitter - rreemagb
instagram - rreemabhatia
pininterest - rreema

Mahe Ram said...

Would love to win this fabulous giveaway !
FB : Mahe Ram
Twitter : @maheramas
Instagram : @maheram
Pinterest : Mahe Ram

Naseem Akhtar said...

Facebook : Naseem Akhtar
Twitter : @naseemakhtarfb
Instagram : @naseemakhtar10
Pintrest : Naseem Akhtar

All Step Done

Shilpa Jain said...

Pinterest name: shilpajain4669

Dale D'Souza said...

Awesome Giveaway! Absolutely love this!
FB Name: Dale D'Souza
Twitter: ddale05

parul ghalout said...

wish to win
FB- Parul Ghalout
Twitter- @parulghalout
Instagram- @pghalout
Pinterest - parul ghalout

Vijitha said...

WOW Amazing prize and loved the blog..

FB - Vijitha Arulnayagam
Twitter - graceviva6
Instagram - vijithaarul
Pinterest - Vijitha Arulnayagam

Wish to get lucky with you ! :)

Vinka Manshani said...

Done all steps
Facebook : Vinka Manshani
Twitter : @VinkaManshani
Instagram: vinkamanshani
Pinterest : Vinka Manshani

Anonymous said...

thank you for this such amazing giveaway,
followed all the steps
FB :Umm Hanna
Twitter : @ummhanna23
Instagram : @ummhanna
Pinterest : Umm Hanna

sarita said...

Awesome Giveaways Fingers Crossed for win
Name Fb - Sarita ramchandani
twitter - @Sarita_0327
Printerest - Sarita ramchandani
followed all steps Thank you :)

zarina Yunus said...

I love to win ....this is fab give away
Facebook: zarina yunus
Twitter: zarina_yunus
Instagram: y.zarina
Pinterest: zarina yunus

zarina Yunus said...

I love to win and this is fab giveaway
Facebook: zarina yunus
Twitter: zarina_yunus
Pinterest: zarina yunus

Dale DSouza said...

Great Giveaway! Hope to win!
Fb: Dale D'Souza
Twitter: @ddale05

Vinka Manshani said...

Facebook : Vinka Manshani
Twitter @VinkaManshani
Instagram Vinkamanshani
Pinterest Vinka Manshani

AISHA ARIF said...

hope to win
fb name: Aisha Imran
instagram: aishaimran7

muqadas waheed said...

wish to win Fb Muqadas Raheel
twitter :muqadas waheed
instagram :muqadas raheel
pinterest :muqadas raheel

Rachel said...

wow!!! what an amazing giveaway... would love to win this for Eid... thx for the opportunity give to ur fans...
Facebook- Rachel John
Twitter- racheljohn7
Instagram- rachelindxb
Pinterest- Rachel John

Many thanks

sarita said...

FACEBOOK : sarita ramchandani
TWITTER : @Sarita_0327
PRINTEREST : sarita ramchandani
Done all the steps
hope to win

Renu Lalwani said...

Thanks for lovely giveaway :)
Fb nam-- Renu Lalwani
Twitter-- renulalwani1
Instagram--- renulalwani1
pinterest-- Renu Kalwani

Done all steps ..wish to b lucky :)

AISHA ARIF said...

Would love to win
Fb name: aisha imran
Instagram name: Aishaimran7

sarita said...

Would love to win this fabulous giveaway !
FB : Sarita Ramchandani
Twitter : @sarita_0327
Pinterest : Sarita ramchandani
finger crossed


Hope to win Inshallah for this Eid dear...
Fb- Shazeena Hussain
Twitter - Shazeena Hussain (@ShazeeNaush)
Instagram- Shazeenah
Pinterest - Shazeena

Done with all the steps, Following you everywhere.

AISHA ARIF said...

Wish i win
Fb name; aisha imran
Instagram- aishaimran7

zarina Yunus said...

FB : Zarina Yunus
Twitter : @zarina_yunus
Instagram : @y.zarina
Pinterest : Zarina Yunus
Doing again as my name is not showing in your blog. All steps done and also liked all the sponsors and

neelam zahid said...

wish to win

Saba Zaidi said...

Twitter: @sabazaidi9
Instragram: Not used
Pinterest: Not Used

Hope to win atleast this time :s

Aroosa Abdullah said...

Facebook - Aroosa Abdullah
Twitter - @heyaroosa
Instagram - @aroosaabdullah
Pinterest - heyaroosa

Done with all the steps! Thank you for the lovely giveaway X

khoulah said...

Facebook: doc mummy
Twitter: @khoulahk
Instagram: doc_khan
Pinterest: doc khan


Facebook Tasneem Kesariya
twitter@ Mubi_23

Opinionated Girl said...

IG: OpinionatedSarah
Twitter: @opinionatedsara and @sarahxameen
Facebook: Sarah Ameen :)

Thanks for Hosting this giveaway! :)

Vimmy said...

Thanks for the giveaway! U r so generous ! Followed all the steps ! My Facebook :Vmimmi Sunshine , Instagram : @mimmisunshine Pininterest - Mimmi Sunshine ( Twitter : Vmimmi (@Sunshinesj15)

neelam zahid said...

Fb ,,neelam zahid .email ,,,,,,,Twitter,,,@neelamzahid14

Hanan Alhaidan said...

done ..
t & f :ChatWithHanan
inst :chat_with_hanan
p :

Maheen Abbas said...

Done all the steps hun, and wish to wiin from you. I love your reviews and moreover your inspirations at this young age. i recently reviewed and loved ur review about the liners it actually had helped me choose one for myself. thanks
FB: Maheen Abbas
Twitter: maheenabbas25
Instagram: maheenabbas25
Pinterest: Maheen Abbas

Noora said...

FACEBOOK -Noora Ashraf

wish to win

Bhavesh Hablani said...

wish to win...FB-Sakshi Hablani
twitter-- @BhaveshNidhes
Pin--Dhruv Kuber

Gadie Angeles said...

Wow hope to win this awesome prize!
Fb : Avery Nuelle Guerrero
IG : guerrerofhat
Twitter : fhatguerrero
pinterest: fhatguerrero


Loraine Guerrero

Brona Torokova said...

Name Brona Torokova
Fb: Brona Torokova
Twitter - brona@bronadxb
Instagram - bronadxb
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lovely blog

beauti blingz said...

omg huge giveawa fo the year.

facebook:farah beautiblingz
instagram beautiblingz
twitter beautiblingz
pinterest farah beautiblingz

Shameem Nachiya said...

Done. Love to win this awesome Product.
Email ID :
Facebook ID : Shameem Nachiya
Twitter ID : shameem7575
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Anonymous said...

wish to win so bad! anam kaiser

fb: Anam kaiser
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IG: anamkaizer
pinterest: anam akbar

Sana Pervaiz said...

Completed all steps

twitter @SanaPervaiz
facebook - SHoney Dew
instagram @sanaprvaz
pininterest - SHoney dew

Commented on blog post August glambox review

email -

Thanks for such an awesome giveaway

Anonymous said...

Done. Love to win this awesome Products.
Email ID :
Facebook: Shameem Nachiya
Twitter: @shameem7575
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Praful said...

FB : Praful Rawat
TWITTER : @RawatPraful
IG : prafulrawat
PInterest : Praful Rawat

Your site really rocks & wish to win this awesome giveaway.

Samareen Khan said...

I first saw this post in my sleep and forgot about it the next day. I haven't been too active on facebook lately. Thank god I just saw the deadline on time:D

FB: Samareen Khan Yusufi
Twitter: @Samareen
Instagram: @Samareenyusufi
Pinterest: Samareen Yusufi

Hoping to win :)

prettyinthedesert said...

OMG what an amazing giveaway!! I'm following you on everything! @Aseya_a (twitter), @hello.aseya (insta) and Aseya on FB and Pinterest :)

Raya said...

fb: raya bish, twitter raya411 pint rayoosh insta rayabish

Anonymous said...

pls pick meeee =)
teenamushtaq everywhere

Nima said...

I hope this is still open and i have time to send my details!!
Nima Baraha (FB, Twitter),
Instagrm- Nimob and Pinterets

Nima said...

I hope this is still open and i have time to send my details!!
Nima Baraha (FB, Twitter),
Instagrm- Nimob and Pinterets

Farah Kachlan said...

FB and Pinterest: Farah Kachlan Twitter and Instagram: its_kachlan

Nima said...

I hope this is still open and i have time to send my details!!
Nima Baraha (FB, Twitter),
Instagrm- Nimob and Pinterets

Anonymous said...

Bushra Khan on fb. I dont have twiter or pinterst.

muqadas waheed said...

fb:Muqadas Raheel
twitter :muqadas waheed

Anonymous said...

Fb: Henna Bhojwani
Twitter Monica HennaBhojwani
Pinterest Henna Bhojwani

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