Review: All About The Eyes & Nails By Bourjois

Friday, August 29, 2014

Here's a quick review on everything eyes and nails. First off, Bourjois' Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil in 57 Up And Brown. The summer season causing your eye liner to smudge and make it look like you got panda eyes? Pick up this gem from Bourjois.

Banana Republic x Roland Mouret Limited Edition Collection In Dubai

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Banana Republic teams up with some of the best designers. Their previous collaborations with Issa, Michelle Smith/Milly, L'ren Scott, and others have proved to be a success, at least for me. The recent collaboration with designer Roland Mouret had me clearing out my wardrobe to welcome the new purchases.

The Banana Republic x Roland Mouret Collection boasts of 25 beautiful pieces featuring leopard prints, lace (my fav!), graphic details and more on blazers, tops, skirts and dresses. The dresses in particular, are absolutely gorgeous- incredible fit, length, cut and fall.

The best part? The collection is limited edition, which means 2 things: You must hurry and get the pieces you like lest they be sold out and, you won't catch half of Dubai (Zara fans, you know who I am referring to) wearing the same outfit as you.

Here are my favorite picks:

Revlon Launches ColorBurst Crayon Collection

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The jumbo crayon lipstick craze is still alive, everyone! Revlon launched the ColorBurst Crayon Collection in the UAE a few weeks ago and the venue had all the gorgeous Revlon makeup lined up- from pretty blushes to shimmery eye-shadows.

The makeup brand collaborated with local designer Aiisha Ramadan (I love her work). A couple of Aiisha's designs were reproduced by artist, Hatty Pedder.

It was interesting to see an artist's vision come alive through Revlon's color palette. How gorgeous does the placement of colors and overall design look?

The ColorBurst Crayon Collection features the jumbo crayon lipsticks in 10 shades, all boosted with moisturizing ingredients such as Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter.

The best part of the collection? 5 of the shades are available in high shine format i.e. ColorBurst Lacquer Balm and the remainder 5 are matte.

If you are a new reader to the blog, let me tell you that I absolutely LOVE matte finishes. Majority of my lipsticks are matte.

The ones that are glossy are, at times converted into matte using lose powder. That's how much I love matte finishes. So it's no secret that from both, the Lacquer Balm and Matte Balm, the latter is my favorite.

The ColorBurst Crayons is a fusion between a lip balm and gloss. It moisturizes and keeps lips locked in with color.

Let's start with the ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Couquette. This shade is a pretty pink- almost like cotton candy. A handful of shimmer can be witnessed upon application. The product glides on smoothly on the lips and leaves you with a shiny pout. You will need to reapply after a meal.

The swatch below features the Lacquer Balm on the top and Matte Balm on the bottom.

On to my favorite, the ColorBurst Matte Balm. I already got my hands on one of the matte lip colors prior to the official launch. That's what happens when you wander around in the mall and tell yourself that you are just window shopping. I bought 225 Sultry, which is a dusty rose-brown. I totally LOVE that color and now, I may just have another favorite in the form of 250 Standout.

This particular shade is a deep red and I believe it will suit almost all complexions. The Matte Balms do not have a 100% matte finish, they leave a slight sheen which is alright in my opinion. If you want a complete matte finish, you'll have to blot the lips after the first application and then apply a second layer. Unlike other matte lipsticks, this one doesn't tug the lips during application and neither does it dry them out (bonus and bonus!).

Both lipsticks have a peppermint fragrance to it and contrary to what you are (probably) thinking, these balms do not plump up the lips. Nonetheless, I love them.

I'll be reviewing the other products that you see in the images soon- keep an eye out for the Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow and the scented nail polish. I tried the latter yesterday- gorgeous color and yes, the nails have a pleasant fragrance.

Have you tried the ColorBurst Balms? Which one is your favorite?

The Revlon ColorBurst Balms are available at select stockists across the UAE.

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