Guess Launches Limited Edition Evening Dresses Collection In Dubai

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Guess is a brand that takes up at least 20% of my wardrobe and accessories. I love their watches more than clothing and always gawk at the Guess selection at Galeries Lafayette (my go-to place when it comes to shopping). The last time I was there, I purchased a watch and wore it for 2 weeks straight. It's another story that I'm a huge watch fan and will probably convert into a watch collector soon.

I was recently introduced to Guess and Marciano's limited edition evening dresses and gowns collection launched in Dubai, just in time for Eid. I love limited edition (LE) collections, in fact that's one way to capture my attention instantly. I actually take pride in purchasing limited edition pieces because it's all about exclusivity (to some extent). I own LE pieces from several brands and people come up to me asking where I've purchased them from. And then they frown, because they don't have access to it. That's why limited edition collections are special (only a handful of people including you own LE pieces!).

Having said that, Guess' collection was all about finding the perfect outfit for that special occasion. Featuring a  palette of electric blue, striking reds, luxurious golds and glamorous blacks, classic lace and rhinestone, the line-up of dresses and gowns are fit for almost every upcoming event of the year.

Being a fan of lace, I loved these. Black lace is a classic and when you pair it with flawless skin, slicked back hair and red lip color, it creates a beautiful picture. Lace can never get old.

Black lace was just one of the combinations from the collection. Black gold and metallic silver made an appearance too.

And so did bright pink...

That black lace gown is my favorite out of the bunch! How gorgeous does it look? It kind of reminds me of Monica Bellucci!

Are you a gown or dresses fan?

The Guess and Marciano limited edition collection is now available at select stores across the UAE.

Do you have a favorite?

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so beautiful !

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