Get Floral This Summer With Fa

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer isn't complete without pretty flowers and fresh fragrances, right? Fa, the deodorant brand recently launched its line of Floral Protect deos with 'scent-release' technology.

 Let me start off by saying, the interior decoration at the venue was beautifully floral and well organized (big up to the TishTash team!). Secondly, the fragrances that the deos have are incredible. You might roll your eyes and say, "Girl, get a grip. It's just a deo". I kid you not, this line of deos were specifically enriched with special fragrances. 

The two types i.e. Poppy & Bluebell and Orchid & Viola are alcohol free deos and do not stain the clothes once sprayed on (huge bonus). The deos come in a spray and roll-on format. 

Both fragrances are quite refreshing and perfect for the summer. As for my favorite, I am inclined towards Poppy & Bluebell. I love this fragrance, so much that I also used it once as a room spray (don't judge me). The Orchid & Viola is a bit too much on the powdery side of things, at least for me. 

The only thing missing from this line? Fa should launch a body lotion that has the same Poppy & Bluebell fragrance! I'd definitely get my mitts on it. 

Have you tried this range yet? Fa Floral Protect is now available across retail outlets in the UAE.

fatema said...

Great review shall try this Fa deodorant

Trupzi said...

I've tried the Orchid & Viola one and i like it. I am very picky in the fragrances I pick, prefer wax roll ons but I like the spray cans for these.

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