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Sunday, June 29, 2014

How many times have you stepped out with the intention of buying someone a gift, only to return home confused after looking at various options? It's happened to all of us. It's a friend's birthday and while we know them like the back of our hands, when it comes to selecting that one gift, it becomes a conundrum. You end up second guessing, over-thinking and going through your list of options for the 50th time.

You will not have to go through that process again...not when you have They've made gifting easy. So, what is You Got A Gift? Firstly, let me start off by saying I love the name! Can you imagine saying that to someone? Get ready to witness a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes. 

You Got A Gift is an online service that hosts a plethora of pre-paid gift cards from various retail outlets. Think of it as an online mall where you can select gift vouchers and send them to your friends, family and others- all with the click of a button. Sounds easy, right? It is!

The online gifting service has a variety of partners/stores- from fashion, food, technology to sports, luxury and movies- You Got A Gift has you covered. Apart from The Nail Spa, 1847, Virgin Megastore, my favorite Galeries Lafayette also happens to be on the list! 

Sending an e-gift card is quite simple. You select the store of your choice, load it up with actual value that you would want to gift your loved one with, personalize it i.e. select a greeting card from the gallery, add your message and send it to the recepient either through Facebook, SMS or email. That's it! No hassles of going to the mall, purchasing the gift card and all the other errands that come with it. 

The lovely people at You Got A Gift sent me a gift card so I can experience the service myself. If you thought sending the gift card was a piece of cake, redeeming it is equally easy. I received mine through email and all it took was the click of a button to print out the gift card and head to my desired store. I made my purchase, paid for the extra balance and was out of the store in no time. I love the fact that I could choose anything from the store through the gift card. A word of caution though: the store attendants may take a while to process the voucher (for validation purposes etc). 

If you've got friends/family who reside in the UAE, KSA, Lebanon and/or Qatar, try You Got A Gift. There's so many things to select from (there's also something for men and kids!). 

Don't forget, you can always gift cash directly to the newly wed couple through their Wedding Money Registry or round up your friends and get them to contribute for a friend.

And now, with Eid approaching end of this month, giving 3idiya (Eid gift, for those who aren't aware) has never been easy! 

I totally love You Got A Gift, they've made gifting from around the world so much easier! Follow them on their Facebook page for updates, exclusive discounts and more.

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