Review: Ponds Clear Balance Range

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Got acne prone troublesome skin? Here's a quick review on Pond's latest, Clear Balance product range specifically designed for oily skin types.

My skin type is normal to dry so my cousin who has oily skin was the perfect candidate to test these products.

The Pond's Clear Balance range consists of 4 skincare products infused with special clay, each meant to tackle oily skin issues. Individuals with this skin type are known to face blackheads, acne and visible pores on a regular basis. Oily skin is less difficult to manage once you start using the right products.

Clear Solutions is an anti-bacterial facial foam that contains neem plant extract and Herbal clay to remove dirt from inside the pores. Neem is key in beating and keeping acne at bay. My cousin mentioned that the product has micro-beads that act as an exfoliator leaving skin clear of the day's impurities. Her skin felt neither tight nor dry after using the facial foam. She loved the fragrance of the product.

Dealing with open pores can be a hassle. While they won't disappear for good (unfortunately), you can combat it and minimize their appearance. One such method is using Smooth Pores. Boasting of Glacial clay and alpine water, the product has an immediate tightening effect. My cousin uses this in the morning to wake up her skin as the foam creates a cooling sensation.

The Balance Oil Control product features Mineral clay and does what it claims- absorbs excess oil and other impurities without drying out the skin. This is my cousin's favorite after Smooth Pores. I think this is a great product out of the entire range as it doesn't dry out the skin. I know several people who complain about products that regulate oil and shine as they tend to leave their skin parched.

No Blackheads is infused with Volcanic clay. This particular clay literally acts like a magnet to draw out all types of impurities (I have a face mask that contains this clay and it is amazing even for my skin type!). This deep cleansing scrub targets the blackheads and aids in unclogging pores. My cousin used this for a week and mentioned that while she didn't see any drastic change, she did notice a difference around and on her nose.

So there you have it! Say goodbye to oily skin woes with Pond's Clear Balance. There's one product for every skin problem. Which one will you try?

*The product(s) was sent by the brand/ its reps for a review. All reviews are based on my personal experience & outcome thereby presenting an honest opinion to the readers.

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